Construction Technology & Design Integration II Michael gamble | Scott Marble | Charles rudolph | Matthew Denig, GTA

Precedent Case Study

For this assignment students worked in teams to research and analyze a contemporary case study building and then build a detailed digital model of several Subject Areas of the building. Using the building’s construction documents as the primary resource, each team was tasked with developing a full understanding of the interrelationships between the architectural, structural, mechanical and enclosure systems along with the construction methods, materials and assemblies. The focus of the assignment was to capture the formal, operational and constructability relationships and dependencies between the various building systems in a digital 3D model – essentially building a virtual version of the building.

The course required detailed and rigorous digital modeling. Unlike design models, these technical detailed models had to be dimensional precise and all parts had to be modeled in relationship to other parts. The success of the final deliverables was a direct result of the quality and craft of the modeling.

Students worked in teams of three to do the research and model the building structure and then did individual work to model detailed assemblies of their specific Subject Areas.