5-A-Day Language Review Week 1


1. Visiting my cousin's house is always fun. A gerund that functions as a noun.

2. Connotation: persistent (+), stubborn (n), obstinate (-)

3. Mitch was the stubborn member of our team and was sometimes difficult to work with.

interlopers means: a person or thing that invades personal space or property.

Limpid means clear or transparent-- synonym-clear


1. The custodian repaired the classroom door. Active Voice

The classroom door was repaired by the custodian. Passive Voice

2. abreviate should be abbreviate

3. cumulative means a final result??? Dictionary: increasing or growing by successful accumulations or additions

affix--adding a word part

4. summative, evaluative, restorative, cumulation

5. emergency : urgent

castatrophe : disastrous



1. Jamile takes the bus home today. INDICATIVE

2. CORRECT VERSION: Mother said that it's too hot to lie by the campfire tonight.

3. The word abate means to lessen or subtract, so feelings and storms can abate.

4. Unlike his siblings, Austin was an intense, serious child--who lacked a sense of humor.

*Unlike his siblings, Austin was an intense, serious child (who lacked a sense of humor).

*Unlike his siblings, Austin was an intense, serious child who lacked a sense of humor.

*It all depends on HOW it is said.

5. bizarre means unusual or wacky-- antonym, customary


1. Combining sentences: *Women in the Navaho tribe prepared all the food, and they also cared for the children. *Women in the Navaho tribe prepared all the food; they also cared for the children.

2. When searching for damage, we discovered a broken window.
We searched for damage and found a broken window.

3. The climate is warm and humid in the southern latitudes. (a region marked by its distance from the equator)

4. I left to see the movie. infinitive

5. infrastructure

prefix, infra -- base word, struct -- suffix, ure

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