East Lothian Landscape Photography Workshop

At Aspect2i we have always been very passionate about photographing Scotland. For many years we have carried out workshops in the forests, deep glens, the loch sides and in the shadow of the mountains. It has been sometime since we have introduced a new workshop in what is one of our favourite countries in the world, and we are now pleased to announce our new East Lothian workshop.

This beautifully secluded area of Scotland is only about 30 miles South-East of Edinburgh and is regarded as the birthplace of Saltire, the Scottish flag. By far the main attraction in this stunning area of the East, is its coastline with fascinating geology and rock formations which are apparent at all the beaches we visit during this workshop.

This is a workshop where you will have time to wander and explore in wide open spaces and vast sandy beaches that few people visit.

During our adventure we will visit Barns Ness with its lighthouse, Cove, Cocklawburn Beach and Scremerston Beach.

We will travel down to the world famous Holy Island which is cut off during high tides daily, and also spend plenty of time on the pristine open sands of Seacliffe Beach and Ravensheugh which form part of the John Muir Country Park.

Without doubt we will be able to see and photograph Bass Rock from many of our locations, so synonymous with this area of Scotland's coastline and formed millions of years ago by volcanic activity. Also from the beach of Yellowcraig we will see the Isle of Fidra which was the inspiration for Robert Louis Stephenson's, Treasure Island.

This workshop will not just be entirely beaches, we will also be close to some of the ancient castles and quaint harbours and dedicate some time to the ancient woodlands.

East Lothian is without doubt one of those beautiful and quiet areas of southern Scotland often associated with its 'big skies'.

If you want a workshop that is different from anything else in Scotland with its own unique character and without the need to travel very far north, this is ideal for you.

Paul Gallagher and Andy Phillips will be your leaders for this workshop and Scotland is an area they love to photograph themselves and they will be on hand to make sure you get the most of your photography during your time here.

An integral part of this workshop will be image reviews and also we will set time aside to look at image editing and making the entire journey from Camera Raw file to an exhibition quality image ready to print.

Mon 25th Nov - Sat 30th Nov 2019

Residential 6 day workshop

Leaders: Paul Gallagher & Andy Phillips

Photography Workshop - East Lothian - Scotland's Tranquil East Coast

The price includes accommodation, breakfast, transportation during the workshop, all 1 to 1 tuition. There is no Single Supplement.

Created By
Nancy Phillips


Thank you to: Chris Cullen for the drone photography and Aidan Blunt for the videography.

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