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Federalism is when the power of the states and Federal Government is divided, this helps keeps balance in power. In (A 1, Sec 1, Cl 1) it states that the power is divided between state and Government. For example, states cannot print there own money. Federal Goverment makes the money and sends it to the states. This makes sure that not Government or the states have to much control.

Limited Goverment

Limited Goverment prevents the Government from having to much power or control over the people. For example, it helps limit the distribution of currency. (A1, S6, C2) This means the treasury department can't print or give money. Also, Government officials can only have one position in the Government. This means when a President starts running they have to step down and not be a Governor.

Checks and Balances

This involves each branch of Government that has only one specific power that's limited. The system makes sure not one branch of the Government becomes to powerful. This type of power and limitation was designed to prevent the emergence of a single domineer center of power. For example, the house has the power to impeach or have the right to accuse a federal official. (A1, Sec 2, Cl 5)

Separation of Powers

Resting in the powers of Government in the three separate branches. Separation of Powers helps makes sure each branch of Government, Legislative, Executive, and Judicial are separate and have there own jobs. "All the bills that wanted to or shall be originated in the house of representatives" (A 1, Sec 7, Cl 7) As a result of the Constitution and a supreme authorized a congress to establish other courts.

Popular Sovereignty

Popular Sovereignty makes it so all the Governments rights come from the people. An example is the Preamble, "We the people" This shows that the Government cannot and does not have all the power of the peoples rights.

Representative Government

The Representative allows the people to be able to vote for all manners. (A1, Sec2, C1) states that the people are given the choice to vote for the house of representatives. An example of this is how every four years all 50 states are able to vote for the President.


What are the principles of the Constitution? Which principle comes with "we the people"? What two principles are most alike? Do you think these principles are important? Which principle do you think is most important?


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