'Brisbane By Sunset' Contemporary Art and ARCHITECTURE TRAIL

This afternoon I discovered a number of hidden treasures throughout the Brisbane CBD, while walking the contemporary art and architecture trail. Who would have known this existed!? I certainly didn't.

As i began the walk I realised that i had walked these streets many times prior to this, past many of these artworks and had not even realised they were there! Reflected in the windows of buildings, extending through the foyers of hotels and out onto the street, even saucepans, biscuit tins and pudding bowls created a master piece in the middle of George St. I found every piece unique and interesting.

The artists have really succeeded at integrating each piece with the building design, facades, foyers, and laneways, to reflect that particularl building. I thoroughly enjoyed this walk, and it has encouraged me to stop more often and look up to see my surroundings! Because you never know what is going to be around the corner...

Thanks for reading!

Isabella Duggan

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