My Goals 2017-Beyond By:walter walden

1 Year from now

  1. Get on line staff, because i want to advance my experience and trust.
  2. Become the Drill Team With Arms Commander, i want this to gain experience and hopefully become the CO.
  3. Start USMA applications, i want this so i can go to an academy.
  4. Travel more, i want to see more things.

3 years from now

  1. Admissions acceptance into a academy, because this is my main goal.
  2. Have a great freshman year at a academy, well duh i don't want to have a bad one.
  1. Get dual executive Staff positions, i want to be able to develop better leadership and prepare for owning bunises
  2. Go to International flight extange, i want to go to another country and fly

5 Years from now

  1. Graduate from a academy, because my main goal is to go to one and become an officer.
  2. Complete my midshipment, because then ill become an officer.
  3. Travel with the military , because it is free and it will be well organised and fun
  4. Get stationed somewhere for a couple years , because i don't want to bounce all over

10 Years from now!? :)?

  1. Travel all over the world and take my mom with , because it will be fun and i want her to see the world too.
  2. buy my mom a better house in what ever country she is living in, because she deserves the best.
  3. Start putting larger amounts of money into Cd's and my Roth IRA.
  4. Consider leaving the military in a couple years, so i can begin a new chapter of my life.


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