descriptor: an inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas,feelings,nature,culture,beliefs and values the ways in which we reflect on,appreciation of the anestetic


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I was supposed to select 3 main intreats about how i express myself to do for the exhibition i could chose anything i chose sports,technology, etc i chose sports because i love to be active and goal keep in football i chose technology because i like new and smart gadgets that can help entertain and in the future

we finally cane together in a team i was in the sports group in my class the members in my team are Primo,Tomotaka,me Kabir and Agastya sha we crated a document where we wrote every thing


we made concept questions and we met our mentor and answered a few of the questions of form and function


we also formed questions for the PE department

week 5

we where suppose to make a sentence with ms sentence starters about thinking


Listening- I listened to and followed difficult instructions when i was working on the LOI and researching about my topics car racing and American football at home

Speaking-I gave an opinion and supported that opinion with evidence

Reading-I could answer questions based on what i read in the LOI 1 questions.

Writing-i put information that i had read into my own words while researching my topics car racing and American football

learner profile reflection

  • i was a good communicator┬ábecause i was thinking of ways we could present our first line of inquiry and making the logo
  • i was not being knowledgeable┬ábecause i was not writing any thing except cutting and discussing


  • American football and car racing -how was it originated what county it was made in when/why/who plays that sport.
  • Later when we start the line of inquiry 2 how sports help us in our daily lives about my two sports


  1. Formulating questions-I made up questions that i could research and find lot of information about the 2 sports i chose
  2. Observing- I listened to or watched to learn more when I was finding the answers for the LOI 1
  3. planning- i began to plan my research when i was


you can sort out in venn diagrams and other sorting out tools.When sorting out you need different chunks of information on writing based on the to
we need to know ho
this was our rubric for the exhibition group

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