What is Genetically Modified Food? and GM organisms Genetically modified Food is: food produced from organisms that have changes into their dna to protect themselves against harmful toxins like pesticides and weed killers. genetically modified organisms are different types of organisms (I.E. Plants, animals, microorganisms). That they use to keep bugs and animals from killing the crops.

What is GM food and GM organisms? Genetically modified foods are: food produced from organisms that have changes into their DNA using the methods. Genetically modified organisms are different types of organisms ( i.e. Plants, animals, and microorganisms). That they use to keep bugs or insects away without using things like pesticides. They create GMOs by inserting genes from a bacteria or a virus (or a gene that helps plants survive highly toxic pesticides into an organism that would not normally have that type of gene to protect the food.

Why do they make Genetically Modified Food? Genetically modified foods are produced and sold because they people think they have some type of advantage to them. This means that they have a low cost and higher nutritional value, I.E. last longer, better for you, etc.

Is G.M food safe? The different organisms in the food have different genes put in in lots of different ways. The safety of the Genetically Modified Foods is undecided as of now. The Genetically Modified Foods have passed international safety tests and aren’t likely to present any harm to human health. Some people are still speculating that it could potentially cause harm later on if they keep evolving it. Scientists have being testing genetically modified food for about 10 years.

Our thoughts on genetically modified food. We think that genetically modified food is a good thing because it can be tested for any benefits they could add and if it becomes a problem they won't put it out to the public if it could cause harm.

PROS of genetically modified foods - higher crop yields - reduce the need for pesticides and herbicides - reduce the manpower needed - better food quality (better taste, lasts longer, etc). - believed that crops could withstand different types of weather extremes

CONS of genetically modified foods. -- has the ability to trigger allergies - genes could be taken from foods that cause allergies in some people -- inserting a gene from a different organism into another organism could make the organism who received the gene have the allergy as a trait -- other organisms in the ecosystem could be harmed -- removing one pest from a crop could remove one food source for an animal -- an Oregon farmer found GMO wheat in his field here he had not planted it which meant that the GMO's can infect other crops and we don't know if it is safe yet

Some common foods likely to contain GMO's -- cereal -- non-organic dairy products -- soy in any form ( oil, tofu, protein powder, etc). -- vegetable oil -- salad dressing -- granola bars -- chicken nuggets -- papayas -- zucchini -- yellow squash -- anything containing high fructose syrup -- rice -- bread and crackers -- peas -- potatoes -- tomatoes and lots more.

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for more information watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8z_CqyB1dQo

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