Arnold's guide to spiritual happiness Life is oNly as gooD as you make it

Always be yourself

"That's right I am a book kisser"

Follow your dreams

Arnold left the Rez to go to reardan even though his friends and family didn't want him to and it ended up working out in his favor

Don't let your past define your future Arnold's past shows poverty and alcoholism but he was able to escape and become a star athlete at a rich school.

Always support your friends dreams "you will when you play in the nba"

Do what's best for you "If you stay on the Rez Mr. P said, it's going to kill you"

If you don't like something, change it. You are in control. "My parents came from poor people who came from poor people who came from poor people"

Don't try to fit in, real friends will accept the real you. "No, I felt like a magician slicing myself in half, with Junior living on the north side of the Spokane River and Arnold living on the south."

Dear Arnold,

I need some advice. I've been going to the school right by my house forever. I've had the same kids in my class since first grade. I play for our basketball team but my friend and I are the only players who ever score. The best team in the state is just a few miles down the road, and my dad thinks I should switch schools. The only problem is all of my friends would hate me, and I'd have to play against them. What do you think I should do? Sincerely, Jack from Jacksonville

Dear Jack, I know exactly how you feel. I switched schools from my hometown to a big rich kid school and it was terrible at first. Nobody there liked me and my best friend from my old school hated me for leaving. I didn't do it for anybody else though, I did it for myself. If you want to succeed in life you have to take risks sometimes, so if you think switching schools could benefit you, DO IT!! I hope this was helpful, good luck! Sincerely, Arnold, your spirit guide

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