Glove-O-Matic What MVPs are made of

The Glove-O-Matic is a state of the art glove that allows you to catch anything and everything on the first try, because of its sticky technology it can turn you into the ultimate 'Snagger'.

Different sizes and prices

Small- $99.99 Medium-$99.99 Large-$99.99

Colors include: Black and White

Mission Statement

Our mission is to raise enough money from our glove sales to be able to put a fraction of it to the Wounded Warrior project and to also help kids that don't have enough to enjoy sports.

Target audience

We are trying to reach anyone who loves sports or desires to play sports, even if you aren't good at sports as long as you can touch the ball you are in for success.

Contact info

You can reach us if you have any questions or concerns about this product at


Matthew M.- This glove is amazing; it works so well and its all very comfortable, the other day I played a game of football against my friend John K. and he got exposed!

John K.- This glove is a must need, it truly does work in fact the other day my friend snagged on me with it, I think I might need one


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