The Ocean By Jake Davidson

Seawater: don't drink the water!

Humans can't drink seawater because of all the salt in the water. If a person were to drink salt water their body would start giving up on them and eventually become and extreme injury and would have to be taken to a hospital immediately. Another reason humans shouldn't drink salt water is because of all the toxic things in the water.

Why the ocean is important to life on earth.

The ocean is important to life because the ocean holds 97% of earths water and is more than three quarters of our planet. The ocean is also important to our life on earth because it gives us more than half of the oxygen and takes the carbon out of it.

How ocean current is related to earths climate.

The ocean currents affect earths climate because when the water is heated from the transfer of heat to the ocean it affects local weather and makes the temperatures extreme.

Zones of the ocean

There are 5 zones of the ocean. The first zone is called the Sunlit Zone it gets its name the sunlit zone because . The sunlit zone is from 0 feet to about 700 feet. The second zone is called the Twilight zone and in ranges from about 656 feet to about 3280 feet down. The third zone is called the Midnight Zone and it ranges from about 3280 feet to 13123 feet down. The fourth zone is called the Abyss and ranges from about 13123 feet to about 20000 feet down. The fifth and final zone is called the Hadal Zone and ranges from about 20000 feet to 36197 feet down.

Pressure temperature and the ocean depth

The pressure of the oceans depth tries to drag you down but you body fluids are keeping you from getting pulled under water. If the temperature of the water is warm it doesn't pull you down as hard and if the water is cold it makes it feel heavier.

Resources we use from the ocean

Some resources we use from the ocean are salt, sand, gravel and manganese. Copper, nickel, cobalt and iron can be found in the deep see. The ocean also removes carbon from our oxygen.


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