Puppers for the People by: Foxx earley

A dog will always be there through all the struggles of life.

Liberty housing department should allow the same comfort to students in the dorms

Dogs provide a midnight study buddy. Dogs also give each student pleasant greetings.

dogs give students responsibility for another living creature and a non school related schedule

this loving creature provide companionship

someone that will never leave the owners side.


Created with images by Wokandapix - "person home relax" • skeeze - "soldier dog companion" • YamaBSM - "black white doberman blonde woman" • jrubinic - "P1010053" • northern green pixie - "Poppy 1991-2006" • Glosters - "Charlie" • ariesa66 - "dog bowl food feeding at" • 422737 - "human animal dog" • MyFavoritePetSitter - "DSC04955"

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