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Photographer: Sebastaio Selgado - Source: https://goo.gl/gL4kUJ

I chose historical Social Documentary Photographer Sebastiao Selgado's 'Gemini' from a series of images by that name as my first picture. I really like the impact this image has because it's in black and white, like most of Sebastian's work. It adds to the atmosphere and drama of this majestic ice formation. He wanted to capture how perfect and untouched by humans and climate pollution it is and how it should always remain. Sebastiao is a famous documentary photographer who takes pictures all over the world to try and raise awareness about environmental issues and changes that are happening within nature and our planet. The main similarity of his images are they are taken in black and white and with a great deal of contrast. He used a large depth of field to have all the image in focus and sharp, probably with a wide angle lens in Landscape format. The composition is very good and I like how the ice fills the frame with the dramatic clouds in the background. Natural light was used. He used a dslr to take the images in the Genesis series as it was easier to get through customs after 9/11 than it was with hundreds of rolls of film.

Purple Hearts Series

Photographer: Nina Berman - Source: https://goo.gl/RSnxvQ

Nina Berman is an American contemporary documentary photographer who has played a big part in revealing images that war creates only too often but which we rarely ever see in the media. War is usually glorified in the media and the reality of injured women, children and service men and women are rarely portrayed. This image taken from a low vantage point and makes him look bigger to place importance/emphasis on the subject and makes him stand out from the background. The image was probably taken with a 24-70 lens with a small aperture creating a large depth of field. Natural light has been used. She produces images that would normally make people look away if they passed the person with these injuries in the street. Her images are very strong and tell the truth about what "really" happens in war torn conflicts.


Photographer: Tim Hetherington - Source: https://goo.gl/P9koM2

Tim Hetherington was a war documentary photographer who was killed by flying shrapnel in Libya in 2011. I really like this image as it shows this child soldier sitting in a classroom with the tools of his occupation when really he should be sitting with a pencil in his hand being educated instead of a gun learning first hand about War. The young man has a steely, unemotional look, almost trance-like. It's a very poignant picture that tells a story sadly that is too common with these countries using young boys, children, as soldiers. The image has been taken with a medium format camera with a shallow depth of field. The focus is definitely on the gun as this looks sharper than the boy. Natural light coming in a window to the boys left is lighting the image.

Bangkok Unhinged

Photographer: Jack Picone - Source: https://goo.gl/hRgikB

Jack Picone is an Australian Social Documentary Photographer. He has won many prestigious awards for his work. He documents social and war issues all over the world but mostly in Asia, Africa and Europe. This image was taken during demonstrations in Bangkok by The Red shirts party protesters which resulted in many people being killed and important buidings being burned down. This image shows a soldier having a smoke break and he has managed to capture the laid back, relaxed soldier during these brutal demonstrations. The subject fills the frame and the image has been taken from a low vantage point . I think he has used a telephoto lens in Landscape format. The subject is in focus with the background slightly blurred suggesting wider aperture. I think he may have used a flash for this image as I can see reflections on the gun and behind him. I like that you can't see his eyes and makes him appear to be quite mysterious.

Galle, Sri Lanka

Photographer: Stuart Dunn - Source: Outdoor Photography, August 2012, page 54.

Stuart Dunn is a documentary photographer and cinematographer. He splits his time between both genres to go all over the world to document various kinds of jobs. I chose this image as it's a positive one taken in Sri Lanka during the Civil War that lasted for 20 years. He travelled there with another photographer to try and document what was going on and try to empower the half a million refugees caught up in the conflict. Stuart uses a dslr but still loves working with film. He travels with his Hasselblad and also a medium format camera. This image was taken with a large aperture, creating a shallow depth of field. The foreground and background are both out of focus and the subjects are sharp. It has been taken in Landscape mode. He probably used his Hasselblad for this image with a fast shutter speed. Natural light has been used.

Kelvin Power Station, Johannesburg

Photographer: Tony Alves - Source: NPhoto, October 2016, Page 62

Tony Alves is a photographer from South Africa. Tony enjoys documenting power stations near his home which were made redundant but more recently because of an electricity crisis, they are back up and running at about one third of their capacity. They make for interesting subjects to document. This image is taken at night with a Nikon D300 and the ISO is set to between 400 to 1000. It has been taken with a longer shutter speed and you can tell this the way the smoke looks and also with the aeroplane in the background's light trail. It has been taken in Landscape mode. The rule of thirds has been used.

New York, 1962

Photographer: Bruce Davidson - Source: Amateur Photographer, October 2016, Page 9.

This is a Bruce Davidson image. He is an American Photographer who has documented life in the streets in Harlem, New York. He is a member of the famous Magnum group. He has photographed people who usually aren't too keen on letting others do what he does. He is accepted in the streets and they allow him to document their lives. He manages to capture real, harsh emotions and beauty in somewhat otherwise difficult situations. This image has been taken from a low vantage point. It has a large depth of field, probably an aperture of about f16. It has been taken in Landscape mode. He used a large format camera with a tripod. A fast shutter speed of 1/125 was probably used. Natural light was used.

Anti-Austerity Rally, London 2015

Photographer: Stuart Franklin - Source: Amateur Photographer, October 2016, Page 25

Stuart Franklin is a Documentary Photographer and the former president of Magnum Photos. This image was taken during a demonstration against Austerity measures by the UK Government. It has been taken froma high vantage point. A large depth of field has been used with focus running all the way to the back of the image, while the hands at the front are out of focus. Natural light has been used. It is taken in Landscape mode probably with a telephoto lens . Leading lines with the buildings on either side frame the image and lead you right back into the image. A fast shutter is used here and small aperture.

Photographer: Don McCullin - Source: https://goo.gl/z3vFiw

This is a war image by Don McCullin when he was in Cambodia during the conflict with the Communist Party, Khmer Rouge. Natural light has been used to light this image. A slower shutter speed is evident with the blurred paper the young woman is holding, while the two men are in focus. There's a real feeling of sadness to this image when you see the condition of these men and the hospital conditions they are lying in. The Black & White image adds to the drama and atmosphere. It has been taken in landscape mode. A Nikon 35mm film camera has been used for this image.


Photographer: William Eggleston - Source: https://goo.gl/SnKLaZ

This image is taken by Photographer William Eggleston. He always just takes one image of his subject. He used a 35mm Leica to take all his images with film, as is the above image too. He introduced colour to serious Photographers in an exhibition in New York in 1976, when at that time most professionals captured images in Black & White. This image has leading lines taking the viewer into the back of the image. It is taken in Landscape mode and has a deep depth of field. Probably an aperture of about f16 was used. Natural light has been used to light the shot. A fast shutter speed of at least 1/125. There is a lot to look at in this image. A polarising filter may have been used for the bright sky.

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