Self-Esteem By:Sierra Hudson

Self-Esteem is confidence in one's own worth or abilities; Self-Respect.
There are six ways to boost your Self-Esteem: Use hopeful statements, forgive yourself, avoid "Should" and "must" statements, focus on the positive, relabel upsetting thoughts, encourage yourself.
Using hopeful statements is something I try to do in my everyday life, saying things like "I hope that works", "Good luck", "Nice job", etc. Can make you feel a lot better about yourself.
Forgiving yourself can be hard, very hard, you just have to accept the situation and forgive yourself.
Avoiding "Must" and "Should" statements can get a lot of weight off your shoulders. Thinking about musts and shoulds can make you feel pressured and feel like you have to do so much.
Focusing in the positive is probably the most important/effective way to boost your self-esteem.
Relabeling upsetting thoughts can be easy, all you have to do it fine the good in a bad situation weather its in the long run or not.
Encouraging yourself every morning when you wake up, or any time of the day can do a lot more good in your every day life.


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