Battle Of Crete By: Nathaniel Henes

Where was the battle of Crete-

People who took part in this battle- Kurt Student , commander of XI Air Corps. General Kurt Student had a distinguished military career in World War Two. Kurt Student was involved in the attack on Western Europe in 1940, the planning for Operation Sea-lion and in the largest German airborne attack in the war the attack on Crete. He was born in Poland.

what type was the battle-This battle was fought in ww2 with the Nazis and Greek soldiers with British, Australian, and Jewish support the battle was in the air. .

How long did it last-It lasted 13 days started on may 20 and ended June 1 in 1941.

where did it take place-the island of Crete greese

What was the objective of this war-Trying to defend the island from the Nazi Germans and win the battle.

What was the outcome of this war-the German landed to drop there troops and take the north part of the island after the communication failiure

This battle was significant to the outcome because- Many Jewish, Australian, British, and Greek soldier fought the Nazis and held them off for a long while then bad communication and the Nazis attack and defeat the troops and the ones that were left fled to Egypt.

Three important facts-One is that the they had some communication failure and the Nazis attack,two is that 28,510 troops bypassed Crete and were evacuated from mainland Greece to Egypt instead, Three is that there were around 6,698 losses in this battle.

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