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We educate, equip, and empower veterans and their families through physical activity and self discovery.

The Veteran Community

Veteran Feature Story: Josh Boguslofski

I entered the Army in 2010 as an Airborne Infantryman. I was first assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division in Fort Bragg, NC and quickly deployed to combat operations in Afghanistan in support of Special Operations Task Forces in 2011. My deployment was cut short due to severe wounds sustained while in Afghanistan. Fortunately, I overcame my injuries and was able to continue my service to include being stationed in Alaska as an Airborne Reconnaissance Team Leader, Italy as a Squad Leader, a Platoon Sergeant, and a Senior-Rated Jumpmaster, and currently in New York as an instructor at the Non-Commissioned Officers Academy.

The physical injuries I sustained- the collapsed lung, de-gloved hand with severe nerve damage to two fingers, and damaged knee - were nothing compared to the internal baggage I carried from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I had issues with painkiller addiction, stress management, and several other internal problems. Overcoming these problems was not a quick and easy process, but more of a slow and gradual climb with several quick and steep drops.

I got into cycling while I was stationed in Italy and fell in love with the sport and its culture. Everything from the long weekend rides with coffee and beer stops to the quick 20-mile sprint interval rides to and from work. On the bike is where I found my peace. It was where I could push myself physically with no impact on my joints of back and begin to fix myself by myself. The competitor and athlete in me realized that I could do more on a bike than just go on joy-rides.

I joined Project Echelon in the summer of 2018. Through the Veteran Mentorship Program, Project Echelon connected me with Ricky Arnopol, one of their elite cyclists, who is still my coach that creates my cycling training regimen and is readily available to answer any questions I have from equipment to nutrition and even pre-race talks. Project Echelon has helped me with my internal healing so much that I joined the Board of Directors for Project Echelon as the Director of Military Relations.

This season I have already found successes in my first two races with a fourth-place finish in the Strade Verde Race and a first-place finish in the Trooper Brinkerhoff Memorial Race, both in upstate New York. I could have never done this without the support of Project Echelon’s Veteran Mentorship Program and Ricky Arnopol at the helm of my training and nutrition. I am looking forward to more successes for the remaining of this early 2019 cycling race season.


Veteran athlete, Shawn Morelli, overcomes adversity to win gold for Team USA in the women's Time Trial and Road Race Paracycling World Championships


Still Here Documentary Continues to Gain Momentum; Draws Attention of WWE Superstars


Project Echelon looks to support ALL VETERANS who are seeking empowerment through physical activity, especially those who may believe they are "unfit." Take a listen to co-founder Eric Beach's recent podcast for more on this topic.


The Project Echelon community continues to grow!

In 2018, Project Echelon served 67 veterans, almost quadrupling the number of veterans we served in 2017. In 2019 we have set out to serve 100 veterans and are proud to share that we have positively impacted the lives of 63 men and women since January 1, 2019 and are on track to exceed our goal.

None of this would be possible without the support and advocacy of our followers and readers like you. Please continue to share our mission and vision and direct any veteran family or friends you think might benefit from our work to www.projectechelon.org.

Project Echelon Racing Team News

Zimmer takes to the podium at Joe Martin Stage Race. The Joe Martin Stage Race is one of four UCI stage races in the United States, drawing in the best riders from across the country and internationally. After a difficult and rainy Stage 1, Matt and the team took advantage of a tired peleton and sent Matt Zimmer up the road for a late breakaway move, which ultimately earned Matt the stage win and the yellow leaders jersey for the race. Matt went on to take 4th in the overall in the competition.


Project Echelon Featured in Pez Cycling News; Looking Forward to Tour of America's Dairyland


Wrestling the Gila Monster

The Tour of The Gila is a true test of fitness and mental fortitude. The 2019 edition of the race was no exception. The team rode as a strong and cohesive unit to put two riders in the top 20 with Matt Zimmer and Zach Nehr and earn a top 10 in Stage 3 with Evan Hartig.

Zach Nehr shares his personal perspective from the race and how competition at this level can bring you high highs and low lows in a single day. All of which, when approached the right way, helps us become better for it.


Henry Lutz Earns Collegiate TTT National Championship


Team Results Through May, 2019

Project Echelon In the Community

Project Echelon sponsors 20 veterans and active service members in the Armed Forces Challenge, building community and fellowship. The Armed Forces Challenge, held annually at the Northwest Military Academy, was conceived of by William M. Anderson, a retired Marine Sniper and Navy Seal. All funds raised from The Challenge will support the Military and Veterans Resource Center (MAVRC) at UW-Milwaukee and Camp Hometown Heroes.

More on the Armed Forces Challenge and why it was created


Rose Glenn Elementary School in Waukesha Raises $1,700 to support Project Echelon through the Step It Up Kids program.

Project Echelon had the pleasure of getting to share the Project Echelon mission of supporting our veterans and the importance of physical activity with over 300 elementary school students. Their response... come together as a community to raise money for Project Echelon through physical activity. Truly inspiring and grateful for the commitment, passion, and service of these young community members and their teachers!

The students pictured and who presented the check were students with parents who are active duty or military veterans, making this donation and experience especially meaningful and special.

Educating, Equipping and Empowering Veterans and the Community. Eric Hill, co-founder of Project Echelon, recently had the opportunity to share the mission and vision of the organization on WISN AM 1130 "Milwaukee's Philanthropic Community Radio" presented by the Ellenbecker Investement Group. The show provided a platform to inform and educate our community about issues our veterans face and the resources that we can provide to support them.

Sponsor Feature

A new section of our newsletter where we highlight recent successes of our sponsors and their commitment to service.

Trace-A-Matic continues to double down on its commitment to hiring, training, and retaining veterans. The company views itself as more than a workplace, but rather as a family and community committed to building a positive culture and creating opportunities for growth. This isn't your typical machine shop either as Trace-A-Matic machines everything from Military Defense products such as helicopter rotors and armed vehicle defense shells to aerospace equipment, and more. They also show a large commitment to the general community and support local schools in developing trades programs. Whether you are a veteran or a community member looking for a supportive employer and exciting career, Trace-A-Matic is interested in you. Learn more below.


Winning Together; City Lights Awarded Platinum Medal for Hazy IPA. City Lights Brewing has been a great new partner of the Project Echelon organization, having hosted 3 Miracle Monday Donation Tap Room nights, raising $1750 to support our work, in addition to their already generous sponsorship commitment. At Project Echelon, we believe good things come to good people who are persistent and pursue their passion. City Lights is the hops in the beer to that statement, recently winning several medals that the World Brewing Championships. Believe me, you won't be disappointed, so get over to City Lights today!

In December of 2018, Jimmy the Brewmaster won an International Gold Medal in a competition sponsored by tastings.com: http://www.tastings.com for his luxuriously silky Coconut Porter. In February of 2019, Jimmy won an International Gold Medal for his delightfully refreshing Mexican Lager.

In the most recent competition, Jimmy the Brewmaster’s Hazy IPA earned a 96-point rating, a “Superlative” designation and a Platinum Medal. City Lights Hazy IPA was rated by tastings.com as the #1 IPA in the world and was their 11th highest rated beer in the last five years.


Veterans to CEO's - How one "Family of Companies" is Getting it Right. Grunau is a member of the APi Group's family of companies, an organization that is committed to hiring, training, and raising up veterans to be leaders in industry. In 2018 alone, APi Group hired and retained 500 veteran employees! The current president of Grunau, Bill Ball, is one of the veterans who has grown as a leader through the APi Group. Chapeau!

Grunau Company has been the benchmark of excellence since 1920. From concept to commissioning, they have the expertise and experience to collaborate on your next project. You will find Grunau’s professional approach combined with their innovative use of the newest technology and work philosophies create a unique business relationship: The Grunau Experience. There is a strong focus on your success and providing the best overall value to you and your project.

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