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What is Diigo?

Reasons for using Diigo

  • You find a great site, but do not have time to explore it at the time. Use the read it later tool.
  • Use the sticky note tool to remind yourself how you would use a website when you come back to it later.
  • Use the highlighter tool to help you organize certain topics within the website or to make notes of a certain portion of the site.
  • Import your current bookmarks to Diigo.
  • Tag your favorite sites with search terms you often use so that you can find them later.
  • Share your bookmarks with others!
However, our main reason for using Diigo, is to create a PLN among our district music teachers by sharing useful websites for classroom use.

First step

Diigo offers teachers a free account.

Teachers must apply for this after they have already signed up for an account.

The Basics
Let's Add Some Content
Tag and Add Your Bookmarks
Want to use more of Diigo's features?
Want a tremendous timesaver?
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Carey Bowden


Created with images by LiteWriting aka Loreen72 - "Musicality - 8" • PublicDomainPictures - "audio communication equipment" • jayneandd - "Sheet Music"

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