Awaran Earthquake Ahsen hussain

In the Mountains of Pakistan. There are no major land forms near or anywhere near Awaran. Closest thing to it is the Afghanistan border of more mountains. The epicenter was 60 miles southwest of Khuzdar. Over 90% of the villages and communities of Awaran were diminished due to the quake. The quake was strong enough to cause a mass 20 to 30 feet high to emerge from the Arabian Sea like a small mountain island off the coast of Gwadar.
Population: 118, 173(Census 1998). The district is built of 7 main tribes and several other subsidiary tribes. The earthquake killed over 200 people. This district is not a major district in which it is know for. In other words this earthquake was in the middle of nowhere.
There is no major population. This earthquake occurred in the mountains of Pakistan where there are not many people who live there compared to most places. This is a picture of a village in the district of Awaran.
The people of Awaran were not prepared for an earthquake. Shown above is a picture of the remnants of a village.
Pictured above is the island that the earthquake had emerged out of the sea. Clearly seen in the picture before the earthquake, there is no island emerging out of the sea. In the top half of the photo we see there is an island emerging out of the sea.
Surface projection of the slip distribution superimposed on GEBCO bathymetry. Red lines indicate major plate boundaries [Bird, 2003]. Gray circles, if present, are aftershock locations (up to 7 days), sized by magnitude.


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