Art in the 1920s

As you know, the art we're into today is the fun and simple Art Deco. It's a great way to release stress and just have fun.

Let's just talk about what Art Deco is. It's a dominant style in design and architecture. It originated in Europe, then spread throughout all of Western Europe and North America. It remained popular up until the 1940s. It's short for "Arts Décoratifs" which was named after the international exposition of modern decorative and Industrial arts held in Paris in 1925.

Here's an example. The Chrysler Building in New York City representes the Art Deco style. Another example is the Hoover dam between Nevada and Arizona, it includes many Art Decos throughout the structure.

The painting "The Scream" by Vincent Van Gogh and Edvard Munch was painted in the style of Art Deco.

Now let's get onto the books and movies. One of the popular writers was F. Scott Fitzgerald. He wrote about jazz. His most popular novel was The Great Gatsby, you might have heard of it before. It was about the richness of American materialism while at the same time, criticized its right and wrong actions.

The cinemas were golden in the 1920s. The movies stared out as black and white silent films. They then progressed into colored silent films. The first movie to come out with recorded audio was in 1927, and the movie was called "The Jazz Singer" by the Al Jolson from the Warner Bros.

Another popular movie was called "Lights of New York" by the same company. The public went wild for it.

And lastly something everyone still loves to this day came out. Steamboat Willie. You know the little Mickey Mouse that whistles a little song before every movie? Yup, that's it. This movie was the first Disney cartoon to come out. It became so popular that they made a Mickey Mouse Club. And then Disney land and Disney World came out! Those cartoons became so popular that they came out with two theme parks. Of course they didn't come out right after the movie, it took a long while to make those parks. But today they are extremely popular theme parks that everyone has to go to.

This sums up art in the 1920s! I hope you enjoyed!

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