French Revolution read all about it!!!

What caused the French Revolution???? Many argue about the fact that king Louis the XVI had to do something with the French Revolution. But there are many other causes. Enlightenment ideal, poor leadership and financial crisis, an famine or natural disasters. Overall reason was the nations debts and inequality among lower class people. Those all played a role for the cause of the French Revolution France borrowed huge amounts of money for wars but yet the king and court continued to spend it lavishly. So we asked a couple questions to some random civilians. I asked Leon Beasley what his thought on how the French Revolution, he stated “The old order, the financial crisis because the king and queen spent a lot of money.” What do you think caused this memorable war??

Which leaders do you think associated with the war the best? I asked Leon Beasley he replied “Napolean Bonaparte, he won numerous wars for France before that he was able to gain control of France by himself and imprisoned 20,000 soldiers.” The debt that the court was in was too deep to pay back and that which caused a fuss between the monarchy. After Napoleon took control of the revolution war, some actions were going good until challenges occurred. They were never able to fully understand constitutional monarch or a representative government.

You choose. Napoleon crowning himself

Napoleon, Hero? Or villain? Napoleon can be seen more of a villain overall than a hero. He wanted to increase his power and respect as fast as he could, and sacrificed many lives for victories. According to joe, Napoleon is more of a “Hero at the end of the day because all though he did bad stuff, he introduced needed reforms, defeated foreign armies, and conquered massive French empire.” Over some years, there was about 371,000 casualties under Napoleon the leader

Napoleon had some other villainous actions. He distributed the trade between Britain and India. Also had many wars with Britain, the conflict of that lead to the soldiers on Napoleon side. The soldiers not only died at war but died of diseases. Not only did he lead his soldiers to death, but he crowned himself with no absolute help whatsoever. So what do you think? Hero? Or villain?

The French revolution caused much concern to other countries. Nations in Europe to be specific as France was without a king so no one knew what they were fully capable of doing. With Napoleon being the new ruler, countries saw him as unpredictable and out of his mind. Countries were afraid as if they were to oppose the revolution it would cause their own citizens to revolt. Everyone knew that Napoleon was smart and would take high risks to control more of Europe and to increase his own individual power.

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