A Bit About Me B Y : J A C O B . D e F R I E S E


I don’t have a vivid memory of my first day of high school. I don’t remember the morning prior to leaving, or really that much about the evening afterwards. As much as I wish I did, what truly matters are the memories I developed between that day, and the present, all the way until I graduate. Those moments are what define my high school experience. Memorial’s Howdy Picnic at the beginning of the year involved an upperclassman inviting a lowerclassman to a school wide festival held on our football field. One day, a group of junior girls came into men’s chorus and asked two guys I didn’t know yet, along with my best friend and I to go with them. It was much more fun than I thought, they took us to Hideaway Pizza and then on to the picnic, and throughout my two years with them, I became very close with them. I took my final year of Spanish as a freshman, and as glad as I was to get the credit I needed out of the way, I really miss learning Spanish. My teacher helped make it quite enjoyable and yet I was able to take in a large amount of Spanish culture all around the world. Of course, any one that takes a Spanish course during the standard school year will experience the American version of Cinco de Mayo, which was one of my favorite parts of that class. Also as a freshman, I joined the school’s soccer team with many of my past teammates. To this day soccer is my favorite sport and it’s something I want to continue to participate in until I can no longer run.

“Men’s Choir alone raised around $10,000 for Swine Week.”

At the end of my freshman year, my friend Alec, who was also in the group that took me to the Howdy Picnic, intour school’s show choir. I was nervous but decided to try it out anyway, at least for the auditioning experience. To my surprise, I was chosen along with one other girl among several other sophomores. Act II was a cool experience and gave me a solid group of friends to go through all the trials of high school with. As a sophomore, all of the choirs took a field trip to Orlando, Florida, which consisted of two 24-hour bus rides and three magical days in Disney World. Also within the choir department, Men’s Choir alone raised around $10,000 for Swine Week throughout the four years I was in the class. Lastly, Ever since my freshman year, I auditioned and participated in our school’s talent show called Follies. Freshman year, I played guitar for two of my friends that sang a duet. Sophomore year, I kept it simple and only performed in Act II. Junior year, I was a walking prop for a group of girls’ medley as well as Act II. Senior year, I performed with Act II, played backup guitar for a John Mayer song, acted in a skit based in the 20’s, sang in a barbershop quartet, and of course participated with the Senior Men’s Act.


My family, as well as every single human that lives in Oklahoma, has been traveling to Colorado every summer chance we get for vacation. We used to stay in the little rooms of a family owned hostel in Crested Butte, Colorado. Once my siblings and I got bigger, they offered us the apartment that sits on the top of the hostel and has a balcony that looks up to Mt. Crested Butte. We stayed in that apartment where the three of us kids all shared one giant bed. Of course we all out grew that too. But one year after we already had reservations, a family having a wedding rented out the entire building and they kicked us out. My father was reasonably annoyed. However, the owner helped us find another place that ended up being exceptionally better for the same price. They found us an actual house that is usually rented out for seasons, and it is just two blocks from the cozy downtown of Crested Butte. We’ve been renting from her for 7 or 8 years, I think, and the little house has become or second home. She happened to own the three houses side by side on that street so whenever the first house was taken, we’d stay in the next one, and if the second one was taken, we’d take the third one. Crested Butte is home of some of the most beautiful hikes, bike trails and even ski runs.

Mt. Crested Butte. By: Jacob DeFriese (2016)
“Crested Butte is home to some of the most beautiful hikes, bike trails, and even ski runs.”

My family loves to hike and mountain bike, but we have this bad luck that travels with us, and we always seem to get stuck in a hailstorm way up on the top of a mountain. Our favorite chill pass time is throwing disc or kicking a soccer ball around in the town park. The grass is always thick, dark green slightly damp, and just long enough to be able to cushion bare feet. The parks have the best view of the whole town too. They both sit at the base of the sharp inclined Mt. Crested Butte, where the sun always shines on the face from behind us. Crested Butte is a safe haven for me, and I will continue to vacation there for the rest of my life if money allows me to.

Tucker, our second dog. Art by: Jacob DeFriese

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