Tour of the Harn Charles Anthofer


This image shows a part of the museum that i really enjoyed in terms of the design. This area appeals to me because of the large open space, wood floors, and the natural light that brightens up the whole room. Overall this area and design of the museum makes the experience more enjoyable for me.

Medium/Technique of the artist

Seeing the exhibits about women artists in person gave me a new understanding of what it is like for gender roles to shape our society. A lot of these artists used mediums of prints and newspapers to share their opinions which I thought was very interesting. This part of the museum was more about popular culture with respect to women artists and how far they've come.

Core Values

This exhibit really relates to my core values because of its religious influence. Religion is super important to me and one of my core values. As said in the description the artist "transcended the hardness and rigidity of the stone to capture the fleshy softness of the dancing God." Even though this sculpture is made of stone the artist is able to show the divine and kind heart of the religious figure.

Art and the Good Life

To me this painting shows the good life because it shows that there is so much more to the good life than what one sees. Seeing this painting of a city from above expresses to me that each person in the city lives a unique life and therefore each has their own definition of what the good life is. The simplicity of the painting adds to the theme of how happiness can be found in the simplest things in life, this painting shows so much to me about the good life.
Created By
Charles Anthofer


Created with images by kuratowa_1 - "New East Asian Art wing at the Harn Museum."

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