Accident Chain

Me and My baby sister went into the kitchen to clean up my it was water close eletrical devices, dishes all in the sink, Dishwasher was full, And food left out on the counter, stove, and in the microwave, cabinet doors was still open and it was a lot of stuff on the floor. First we started with the water my sister was about to put the electrical devices on the water without unplugging it i stopped her and told her that was unsafe because she did not unplug the device before moving it and she has to clean the water up. Then i started to wash dishes but i forgot that you do not soak the knives and i cut myself so i started to work on my healing my cut by putting a band-aid on it i finished doing the dishes then i started putting the dishes in the cabinets i closed all the doors and i threw all the left over food away because it was sitting at room temperature and made sure everything was okay before i left the kitchen


Created with images by Debs (ò‿ó)♪ - "Knife Cut {fingerpad}" • allyaubry - "Family Kitchen"

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