Weekly Digital Update April 28, 2017

It's a Bird, It's a Plane

No, it's Crane Girl. On Wednesday, Torontonians were completely mesmerized by the girl on the crane. What was she doing there? How did she get there? She wore black booties to scale a crane?

In case you aren't up to date on the coverage, she has been rescued, charged with six counts of criminal mischief, and released on bail. That was quite a Wednesday.

Since the last update, April has nearly left the building which means Q1 has come and gone. Wondering what everyone here at SMM has been up to? Keep Scrollin'

Bloomin' Blossoms

Spring is here. Just ask everyone in Toronto who flocked to local parks to check out the cherry blossoms that started blooming the past weekend. They hit their peak bloom on Sunday, so you should probably run to High Park ASAP so you don't miss them.

Another sign spring has sprung? The February comScore report that was released for February. Here are the highlights:

Thestar.com saw a 15.9% increase to multi-platform unique visitors year over year.

  • How does that stand up to other news sites? Well, we saw the largest increase (NBD).
  • How did they do? CBC.ca (+13.5%), CTVNews.ca (+9.3%), Globe and Mail (+10.3%), National Post Sites saw a decline of 11.6%.
  • Views and visits were also up year over year on thestar.com.

How did mobile do?

  • The mobile-first strategy continues to drive huge success.
  • Well, if you consider year on year growth of 41% and month over month growth successful. Hint: We do.
  • We also saw 4.6 million unique visitors across browser and app.

Any change in our audience?

  • Actually, yes.
  • 8% growth in women 35-44 month over month.
  • Men 18-24 grew 90% month over month and 20% year over year.

And how about metronews.ca?

  • Metronews.ca saw over 1.1 million multiplatform unique visitors
  • Not only that, but total time spent with the content increased by 37%
  • More time spent means we can offer more engagement to our clients. Woohoo!

What a Season

Well, they did it. The Leafs faced off against the Capitals and gave them a run for their money (ahem - President's Trophy). They were painted as underdogs before the series began, and although they lost, the city definitely had Leaf-fever and were proud of their performance regardless of the outcome.

The team in blue and green here also had a great season in Q1. From training to client wins, everyone here pulled off a big W in Q1 in order to hit the digital targets. The secret to success? Training + MVPs.

Training - making us smarter

IAB Digital Sales Certification was a focus for a number of people in the organisation from digital sales, 360 sales, content and research. Congratulations to those who have already taken the exam and passed, good luck to those still on their journey. Why is this certification important? Our agency clients really value certification in digital, and are more likely to do business and invest with those who are certified.

MVPs - working hard to make us better

Shoutout to the teams who make us look like superstars. From our ops team, jumping into action in the early hours of the morning to help a client out, to our product team launching some really awesome, relevant products our clients are looking for, to the work from the content team to expand on our offerings. Oh, and don't forget about the crew visiting our agencies to spread the word on how to get closer to the 6 with SMM (latest recap here)

The Result?

All of this hard work resulted in digital targets being achieved, growth in the number of digital accounts we have and some very happy clients!!

Slidin' Into the Weekend

Just like Coghlan. Looking for some fun things to do this weekend to shake off your winter dust? Here are 7 ideas. Or, if you need a feel good, check out the video below from Heineken.

Have a great weekend. As always, feedback, comments, suggestions go here.

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