White Dog by carl phillips

First snow—I release her into it— I know, released, she won't come back. This is different from letting what, _________________________________________already, we count as lost go. It is nothing like that. Also, it is not like wanting to learn what losing a thing we love feels like. Oh yes: _________________________________________I love her. Released, she seems for a moment as if some part of me that, almost, _________________________________________I wouldn't mind understanding better, is that not love? She seems a part of me, _________________________________________and then she seems entirely like what she is: a white dog, less white suddenly, against the snow, _________________________________________who won't come back. I know that; and, knowing it, I release her. It's as if I release her because I know.
This poem is about how a guy gets a dog, has a relation with it, lets the dog out to run around and the dog never comes back.
connotations- imagery the white dog gets less white next to the snow. The white represents the innocence of the puppy. _________________________________________ For repetition it uses release a lot to show that he didn't necessarily stutter. It also shows how if you love something you should let it go if it comes back it was meant to be.
The title is about a white dog, then reason the dog is white is to represent the birth of a new friendship between man and dog


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