San Francisco Things to do

I grew up in San Francisco and when you grow up in a beautiful city, you never really understand how amazing your city is until you go out and explore. There are so many beautiful structures, hiking trails and sceneries in San Francisco that even I have never gone before. Aside from the gorgeous views in in the city, many locals here are 420 friendly. You can literally smell and smoke marijuana everywhere you go. We have a lot of delicious restaurants to eat brunch, lunch and dinner. You can also find many All You Can Eat Hot Pot, Shabu and BBQ in the area.

Here are some of our tourist attractions: Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco City Hall, Lombard's Crooked Street, Downtown Union Square, Nob Hill Cable Car and the Exploratorium

Of course, there are so much more restaurants in the city than the ones listed above so definitely look into Yelp.


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