Defeating Myths with Prevention Proper prevention as a money saving treatment

Adults know how being sick feels like, and they know, or at least should know, how one gets sick. Children, on the other hand, have no idea how diseases are transmitted, or if they do, they are not as responsible as an adult. Most of the time someone gets sick, drugs are needed to relief the symptoms and drugs cost money. The guardians are also the ones who pay for the health care of their children. Finding out the right way to prevent diseases, and applying the methods properly may save guardians and all other adults a lot of money.

More than that, sometimes when symptoms are acute, a doctor is needed to verify if the illness needs treatment for healing. Doctor appointments are expensive, and the doctors usually request further tests, and these also cost money. Lots of money.

Diseases are easily preventable. Instead of going regularly to a drugstore, guardians and adults should spend some time and very little money in personal hygiene products. The most accessible hygiene product any person needs is soap, as soaps remove most pathogens (microorganisms that cause diseases) from the skin.

Children love to play by touching objects. Children do not know what they should and should not touch; thus they touch everything. Teaching children to wash their hands with soap regularly and properly is the most efficient tool to prevent diseases. Guardians should enforce that children wash their hands regularly in order to become ill less frequently and save money.


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