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Conscious is the new black...yep I said it! As consumers we are developing a growing awareness about what we purchase. From food to clothes the bar is continually being raised. The concept of fair trade is becoming a global movement. So what exactly is fair trade you ask? Fair trade is a simple concept in theory. Fair trade is defined as trade in which fair prices are paid to producers in developing countries. That means the men and women who make your garments are being paid a living wage.

Ethical and conscious fashion for an everyday look

Why is this important? Well...because as women we are all in this together. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity both professionally and personally. Wether you are a mother or a CEO....women truly have so much in common no matter where in the world one might reside. We all want to be respected and valued. (Something that becomes lost in the fast fashion industry.)

Fair trade can be sexy!

In doing so, you do not have to compromise your sense of fashion or your style. We all want to look and feel our best...in clothing that makes us feel good about ourselves. Now imagine having all of that and that *do good* tingle like when you surprise your bestie with her favorite lunch and smoothie. It feels good to know your clothing is helping to provide income for women worldwide. That is wasn’t made by a woman earning less than a dollar day in some far away factory. I don’t know about you but I believe in energy. It flows all around us on daily basis. And when you feel good, knowing you’ve done good you can’t help but smile! Your heart feels a little fuller. You stand a little taller....

This basic top looks and feels great, organic, made in California

And it starts small. We cannot make drastic changes overnight. It’s a process. I found starting with a few basics that fit in with what I already owned was a great start. Before I knew it I was hooked. I became more and more passionate about the ethical, moral and environmental impacts of my purchases. I felt good knowing my new white tee was made by a women who loves what she does. Who has adequate pay, healthcare and felt a sense of pride in helping to send her children to school. A sentiment that I can personally relate to, as a career woman and mother.

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