Jake McPherson One point perspective project

I did okay however it was not all in full detail. After i looked at it i noticed how some things i drew were not drawn properly, and did not go into as much detail as i really should have.
This part was better because the building was symmetrical unlike the last one. I was looking into it and notced i needed to make it look better by adding multiple things to it to give it a better appearance.
This is my fantasy building.

1. I knew that they existed and heard about them but did not know much after that

2.I learned how to properly blend colors in and make them look like one color by using different colors.

3.A technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image, by using different colors on top of others with the pastel chalk.

4.Seurat and Signac were the ones who started this but other atrists Edmond Cross, Angraland, Luce, and Lemmen.

Sunday on the island of la grande jatte by George Seurat (1884). George was trying to show a simple day in the park by the ocean. In the picture that was painted you clearly see couples, families and animals all playing and sitting down.

8. The lines in this picture are vertical because thats how the painting is layed out. The shapes are landscape, people, and animals. The painting is made to look flat. The color is sad.

9. I think the best part of this painting is the amount of detail that was put into it, He did a very good job at this painting by the way its very well known and very good. I believe people should see this work because it is a very inspirational piece of art. People would say this is a good piece of art because its a good piece of art. 100 because of how much detail it has put into it and how its been very descriptive. I woudn't do anything to it because of how much detail and how good of a piece of art it is. How all the people are there and the animals, and trees.

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