My Mission By cassidy w. moore

¨If it was easy everyone would do it.¨

¨I am STRONG because I know my Weakness. I am BEAUTIFUL because I am aware of my Flaws. I am FEARLESS because I learn to recognize, illusion from Real. I am WISE because I learn from my Mistakes. I am a LOVER because I have felt Hate and I can LAUGH because I have known Sadness. ¨-Unknown

My mission is to always push myself to the fullest and live life to its most possible extent. ¨You Only Life Once¨ is false, we live everyday and I plan to make my days here on Earth as happy and productive as can be.

Along with living in the moment I will be the best friend, daughter, sister and citizen I can be. I will let others say what they want, and do as they please with taking the words they say as just words nothing more, nothing less.

I will grow to make my siblings proud, and prove to them I am the best being I can be. All through life they have been my rocks and I want to experience the feeling of gratification by my family, with knowing I got there on my own. My family has loved me with their whole hearts my entire life and it will soon be my turn to make them proud.

Nor if I win or lose I will take everything with a grain of salt, every experience is an opportunity for me to better myself and grow as a human. I will change lives, and make waves in this endless sea of a world.

Most of all I will be me, because I am the only me there will ever be.

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