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Hello! My name is Brittany Wagner. I love drawing, music, and collecting things that I enjoy. I mainly draw animals/nature and inanimate objects. My goal as an artist is to be able to mastery every form of art and open up a wide range of possibilities for myself. What inspires me to keep going is my love for art and how much peace it brings me.

One of my objectives for the coffee shop project was to make a logo that was pleasing to the eyes. I achieved this by choosing colors that went well with each other and made the swirls above the coffee bean look like one giant stroke.

This piece was created for my Composition Study project where I had to draw an object of my choice from multiple angles. At first I had troubles with finding something to draw until I started looking at my room decorations and chose this fake plant in a crescent moon pot. For this drawing I used sketching pencils to get the different shades, a gold acrylic paint marker, and and a 10 x 10 inch sketchbook.

For my 6th creative assignment I had to draw an eye with something in it that I connected with. I drew a moon and clusters of stars in the eye because I love stars and anything outer space themed. At first I had trouble with drawing the stars because I wanted them to stand out and using a white ink pen really helped me fix that problem. For this assignment I used a white and black charcoal pencil, toned paper, a white ink pen, and a normal pencil to sketch out the drawing.

For my next creative assignment I had to make a poem and illustration using a random page with a lot of words on it. I struggled the most with this one as I usually don't make random poems but sticking to a spooky theme gave me the idea to use a page from a Goosebumps book. One thing I would definitely change about this project is the illustration as it's simple and didn't take much effort. For this assignment I used a page from a book, a pen to highlight and outline the words, and colored pencils to make the illustration.

My most recent creative assignment is definitely my favorite so far. At first I struggled with the random doodles around the jellyfish but once I got into it I couldn't stop until the page was filled. I ended up liking the drawing a lot and will include it in future portfolios. For this drawing I used a pencil to sketch out the jellyfish and various ink pens to draw and color in the doodles.


Created with an image by DarkmoonArt_de - "hut lake water"