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Making a Spark Page hasn't been a problem for me since I've been using Spark Page for quite some time - not for keeping a journal, though. I've been keeping my thoughts in padlet, an online platform popular among European professionals. But it's great to learn there are other options. It's never late to learn!

I've opened the sources on headshots, actually every single one - great tips for amateurs like me! Hope to be able to use them in my future work.

Week one:

What are the key takeaways from this lesson? All the tips on how to take and how to make a headshot were absolutely new to me and I was really eager to learn that from experts in the field. To be honest, I've never thought I myself would be doing something like this - making my own headshot. But all the info was worth reading and watching. Really ENGJOYED every single piece of it!

Week Two

I didn't know that there are so many differences between our European type of CV and American resume! Opened most f the links - detailed info on similarities and differences - easy to grasp.That's a good point - definitely pre-teach and teach stuff on this topic - certain students will be interested and thankful for passing commenting this topic!

Quite impressed with what I saw - amazingly looking Resumes - format, colours, rubrics, etc.! Don't know if I'd be able to come closer to some of them!

I've spent an enormous time completing my resume - first drafting it on paper, trhying to minimise it as muc as possible, then building it stp by step. Had problems finding the right icons I needed] changed the layout a few times; changed palette don't know how many times; don't think what I have is what I want, but it has been quite an experience; I've learnt so many things and I'm sure my second attempt will be much better!


Honestly, the idea of creating my logo has never crossed my mind! I've never thought I'll be designing a logo of any kind; after watching the videos, I made my mind what it should look like - simply using my initials and playing with some of the letters in my maiden name; simple coincidence that I have the letters 'E'and 'T' in my name, since I wanted the logo to say, or better, shout what I am - a teacher using latest technologies in class, one of the E-Teachers on the 2011 summer course at UMBC, USA. As to colours: tried different shades and strokes + I love dark blue; Here come three versions of my logo:

First version
Second version
Third version

My header: the moment I found what the second part of our assignment was, I started searching for a picture that symbolizes what I'm doing; I spent quite some time to find the right one for me, but it was worth it; Here's the result:

My header


What should my e-portfolio be like? Still no idea, although I've made up my mind what to include. I've already looked at some portfolios created by other participants; Most of them were quite honest saying they had problems with working on Behance; I'll probably use Spark; It's really time-consuming: I've drafted it on paper first but as it looks, I'll have to edit lots of things in the process; suppose I'll manage to complete everything before the deadline. Here''s a link to it: https://spark.adobe.com/page/yTGwhT6N0FbMj/


Formative Assessment Video

I've spent lots of time browsing the net to find something to assess. It was really difficult to choose but I think I've got an interesting Spark Page about Istanbul;I'll pretend this has been project work on describing a city recently visited by a student; the only thing I need to decide is what my feedback should be about, I'll probably discuss how well the student has discussed the theme and it he has caught the atmosphere of the place. Here's the link to the Spark Page created by Matt Long : https://spark.adobe.com/gallery/travel/example/eating-my-way-through-istanbul/

Here's a link to my Spark video: https://spark.adobe.com/video/VSbjI2CAkSZlI



How it felt to be a student!

With over thirty years of teaching experience, I still consider myself a learner. That’s why it’s no wonder I really enjoyed being part of this course not only because of the great tutoring, but also because of the numerous examples of excellently executed assignments by the course members.

Consider the methods of teaching and learning that might be new to you.

In the last few years I’ve participated in a couple of Adobe Edu courses, all of which have been of great use to me as a professional. One particular feature that adds to the teaching and learning methods used so far is the learning journal, although this is not the first time I have been asked to keep one: this is a requirement of a number of MOOCs of the European School Academy; the only difference is that they do not use Adobe tools but Padlet. What I have found extremely useful during this course is the idea to bring guest speakers who shared their personal experience on the subject of branding and having an e-portfolio.

Think about how your students might learn.

Today’s students have a totally different understanding of learning and we, teachers, need to consider that fact when planning our lessons. And since they like participating in project work, using digital tools and presenting, I usually engage them in activities they can both benefit/ learn from building on their skills and at the same time share their work with another learning community.

Consider the next steps to engaging your students with your new knowledge.

Since I have been teaching 11-grade and 12-grade students some of whom have already applied or are planning to apply to universities abroad, I think it will be really useful for them to have their e-portfolio. Most of them have been involved in a number of activities on school level as well as extracurricular ones, or have developed various skills, won competitions, etc. Having this in mind, I’ll try to use some parts of this course and teach them how to use some of the Adobe tools to make the world know about their skills and where to share that information.


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