The American Dream By Victor Tejada

Many people from other countries come to America and they come here with hope. This hope is what makes them come here and they call it the “American Dream”. They come here with the mentally that they can make a better living and have a prosperous life. That’s what the American Dream means to a lot people. It means to come here to America and hope for the best, hope that they can make a better living than in their own country.

Now we will interview Ms.Rodriguez of what she think of this...

What do you think of "The American Dream"?

"I believe that the American Dream is to come here to America for a better life. My parents were surrounded by drugs and poverty, so coming here was their best choice."

Why did your parents come here?

"They wanted their children to have a better future."

Is the American Dream seen as something achievable?

"Yes, if you work hard and stay focus in your end goal, it can be achieved."

What are some hardest parts of achieving this dream?

"Growing up, my family was really poor. I had to start working at a very young age ( 8 years old) selling candy and baking goods on the street."

Has the American Dream changed for you? And if so, how?

"I don't think so, coming from such a difficult childhood, I can finally say I'm content with where I'm at."

Has anyone that you know achieved the American Dream? And if so, how?

"I would say that my friends (all of them) and most of my siblings achieved the American Dream, they were able to graduate college and pick a career path, and can now provide for themselves."

Can the American Dream change over time?

"Yes, as you get older you want to strive for more and that changes what you want to achieve."

Is the American Dream something anyone can achieve?

"Yes, anyone can achieve that American Dream but some factors can make that easier. Social classes can be one factor but anyone can do it as long as they take the opportunity to do it."

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