Always a Veteran Peacetime parade and re-enactment 2015

The sights...the sounds...the sirens....all things red and beautiful

There's a child inside all of us....the child that longs for the blare of the horns and the whirl of the lights. Maybe you were that child who clapped hands over ears and eyes popped wide open against the great noise! The Veteran's Day parade of 2015, for Franklin County, Kansas was a patriotic event, a time when we as a community, could come together and applaud the men and women who serve us...who served us; the men and women who watch over and protect us.

Strike up the band and march on....

They came in on silver chariots of rolling thunder....

A Soldier's Tale

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Salvation Army, and bands played on.....

The Battle Simulations

And she still waves.....


Deborah Senior/Heartfelt 1000 Words Photography

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