Fullerton Fact: The Cow Tower By: Jorsan Mendoza

Fullerton Fact: The Cow Tower

By: Jorsan Mendoza Date: April 28, 2017

One day, some naughty teenagers got a cow stuck in a bell tower. That cow got stuck in the bell tower on Halloween night. The principal of the high school kept hearing "MOO!" So, the principal looked everywhere until he finally spotted the stuck cow. The principal tried to get the Cow unstuck, but it was no use. The principal asked every student if they knew who pulled off that prank, but no one said anything. The principal rounded up all of the students and told them to tell him if they had pulled off that prank, but once again no one said anything. Still, nobody knows who pulled off that prank to this day except the people that did pull off that prank or the people that helped pull off that prank. I'd say that that was an important Fullerton incident.

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