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Q: what makes a good citizen?

A: Being a good citizen can mean being responsible, obeying laws, taxes, staying informed and freedom. Starting with responsibility. Good responsibility is being honest about your own actions. A good citizen will take responsibility in their bad actions, such as littering in a park. A good citizen would be honest about the situation. A bad citizen would blame someone else for an action they may regret. Another is taxes. Paying taxes is mandatory and not doing so could possibly lead to being evicted. If you didn't pay taxes, than that would mean you were slacking and not helping out the community. Informed. Staying informed. You can't blame anyone else but yourself for not feeling like reading that email about overdue taxes or getting a parking ticket. Being a good citizen would be staying informed. The easiest way to be a good citizen is following laws. Laws can be as crucial as no discrimination to as minor as letting the dog out when you get home from school. A law is a certain rule that you have to follow in order to -basically- stay out of trouble in the world. The last topic I will covering is freedom. Freedom of speech in particular. Freedom of speech means you can say what you think is right and the government won't have laws against it. For instance, if I were saying a speech about school uniforms and I said that I thought that the government of the town should remove that law, the government could not come and kick me out of the town because I said something that they disagreed with. Anyways, being a good citizen is all these things plus more, these are just the things I chose.

Q: what's the difference between limited and unlimited forms of Gov't?

A: what is the difference between limited and unlimited forms of government? A limited form has its limits to power and unlimited well, doesn't! mited means the government has limits on the power on that country, they have a constitution to follow, multiple people have some level of power and everyone gets treated fairly (rights of minority) an example of a limited government is America. We have a constitution we have to follow and the government helps the president a lot. It is civilized and equal, we have a representative democracy and separation of power. An unlimited government means the country has no limits on power and the ruler can do anything they please. An example of an unlimited power is North Korea. They don't have a constitution or voting system. They have a dictator. This dictator does whatever he wants, kick out people in the government, declare wars, make laws, he even executed his uncle.

Personally, the difference between limited and unlimited government is that limited is equal and civilized while unlimited is chaotic and frightening.

Q: if you were a country in the EU, would you stay?

A: If I were a country in the EU, I would probably stay. First because I personally think that moving across borders without needing a passport. Secondly, when I travel, I want to have the same currency system as the country I was from. Third, my economy would always be the same, and I would have a say in other countries’ situations politically. Last, even though we would all be in the same nation, traveling and seeing other cultures would be like going into a whole other world.

Q: would you rather live in the Sahara or the Sahel desert?

That’s a hard one! The Sahara is a giant desert, and has many natural resources like oases that hold food, shelter and water, but the Sahara also often suffers from droughts. A typical oasis holds everything that one would need to survive on. Fish swim in the totally drinkable water pools and other animals relax in the shade of the acacia and baobab trees. The sweet palm Palm dates are another great source of food. In the Sahel, however, the environment is entirely desert with almost no oases. The Sahel also is at great risk of desertification. it is almost impossible to live in the northern Sahel. Food and water is scarce, and the soil is not fertile, making it next to impossible to farm on. Farther south, however, rain is plentiful and soil is easier to farm on, but the animals are not well suited for eating. if I had to choose, I would definitely choose the Sahara. Food is plentiful and so is water.

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