Tectonic Plate Boundaries Project by Matthew Argie

Convergent boundary: A convergent boundary is formed when a plate collides with another plate. Convergent boundaries can form mountain ranges, subduction zones, and volcanic arts. The type of stress a convergent boundary has is pressure.

Mt. Fuji (Kanji: 富士山, Romaji: Fuji-san) is the highest peak & volcano in Japan. It is located 60 miles southwest of Tokyo. The 3 major historical eruptions were in the years 800, 864, and 1707. Its formation is when the Philippine and Pacific Plates subduct under the Eurasian plate. The summit has a diameter of 800 meters and a circumference of 3.5 kilometers. The mountain is 12,385 feet high.

Divergent boundary: This divergent boundary forms when two continental plates separate from each other. These boundaries can form mid-ocean ridges and continental rifts.

The East African rift valley is a famous example of a continental rift. It was located in Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. The complete rift system extends 1,000's of kilometers. It erupted somewhere in the eaerly 1900's.

Transform boundary: Transform boundaries form when two plates slide sideways past each other. Transform boundaries can cause fault lines.

The San Andreas fault is the most popular fault line. On April 18, 1906, the San Andreas Fault erupted. It took about 700 lives and caused millions of dollars worth of damage. The North American Plate and Pacific Plates slipped northwest against each other.
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Created with images by ume-y - "富士山 Mt. Fuji" • shankar s. - "Great Rift Valley" • Michael R Perry - "San Andreas Fault Sign"

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