Why might empathy matter? How does one become more empathetic? It matters because everyone can gain from each other for a better future if we put behind STEREOTYPES and stigmas and you become empathetic by putting your own needs behind and looking at what others are going through (putting yourself in their shoes)

Watching NoseDive taught me the positives and negatives of a rating system and i could relate it to real life because we do have a lot of corrupt systems.The only thing the rating system does is separate people by how high their number/IQ/status is when everyone should be valued the same because some have went through more than others yet still don't get treated the same or get what they deserve even if they are more hardworking than others. It is not right for people to not get help and be looked down upon just because they do something a certain/different way or react to their surroundings and express their emotions the way other people don't like. So empathy would play a big role in a system like this because it is rarely shown, and it is like this in many countries such as maybe Hollywood. I got to reflect on this because i know that there are many rating systems that relate to this especially in our generation.Some rating systems online would be some social media's like Instagram and twitter because everyone rates models and the system likes to standardize and devalue people for what they do,what brands they wear and how they look. The repercussions of this system is that the media is giving bad influences on how one should look and shouldn't look. Because of this, many girls especially start getting surgeries and lose self esteem and think they don't have value because they don't look like some else whole “higher” in the system

Design thinking helped me problem solve and see what's like to be in some else's shoes and what I could do to help them by brainstorming. I learned why empathy matter from ‘What is Original’ from doing research.I discovered Microchips modeling Clinical Trials, they aim to replace the use of animals in clinical trials to move accurately test the safety and efficiency of treatment for human patients and spare the lives of countless

animals typically used in testing. An organ-on-a-chip (OC) is a multi-channel 3-D microfluidic cell culture chip that simulates the activities, mechanics and physiological response of entire organs.

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