Heidelberg 2017 A media team vision

The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses. - Malcom X

We are not aiming at making the innocent guilty or making the guilty innocent. We are not aiming to control the minds of masses - we aim at getting their attention.

EmPOWERing them.


Why do we still need media teams in the EYP?

In this modern day and age, who still needs a media team? Have you ever read the abundance of articles produced - a newspaper a day during a session stuffed to the brim with programme? One could say it’s a waste of paper as well as a waste of effort and skill.

I hear media team, I think of photos. Then again, which young adult does not own a phone capable of taking a couple of pictures? If anyone wants a new profile picture for their social media of choice, simply bring a good DSLR to General Assembly and you are set.

I hear media team, I also think of videos. Then again, how many times have we seen incidental video clips linked together, highlighted by an, at that time, chart breaking song?

Whoever controls the media, controls the mind. - Jim Morrison

We believe that the term media team is nearly as outdated as telegraphs. The only thing still connecting us with the term is the fact that we are bound to using a form of media to convey our message. What is important to us is finding an appropriate medium to channel our ideas and passions, in order to carry it to the session participants.


Power, Projects, points...

In EYP, much revolves around empowering people and letting them ravel in their ideas. This is our goal for the media team as well. Similar to what happens within a committee, we want every member of the team to raise their points and thus develop their own projects. The essence of Heidelberg 2017’s media team’s work is not yet defined in form. Team members are expected to develop projects which have a meaningful impact on other participants of the session and are only restricted by the bounds of their creativity.

To us, authenticity is key and thus is commitment and teamwork.

I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring. - David Bowie
A bottom-up approach

Our promise: support of and guidance for your ideas, no matter if it’s planting a garden or interviewing the commissioner responsible for the Energy Union. Participating in over 60 EYP events in various countries, roles and formats combined, we are confident to be able to keep this promise. Our talents lie in different areas, with Tobias being very experienced in team management and written products and Sabrina’s focus on video/photo products as well as interactive projects, we can offer a wide range of expertise.

Our expectation: No matter if you have participated in 1 or 20 EYP events in the past, we seek those who embrace the challenge of having to expand their creativity. We expect you to be committed, open-minded and striving for purpose. As a media team member you will be given the responsibility to plan, coordinate and execute your own projects and assist others with theirs. As a video editor you will be joining us in decision making processes and develop your ideas within your area of expertise, however you will not be restricted to it. Not to fret, we will offer a trained eye, assisting you in your concept development.


Ideas, Impacts, Interests...

The success of any given project should be gauged already in the development phase and definitely has to be assessed upon completion. We insist less on quantity and more on quality, thereby ensuring that each project in fact has an effect. Apart from a closely knit team to back up your endeavours and an editorial eye, we want to ensure proper appraisal from start to finish by putting in place a monitoring scheme. Closely oriented around other methods in use in- and outside of EYP, shying away from what you are used to and ensuring what you work on carries meaning and message, will be easier than expected.

In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.- Les Brown

POI: The main projects of Heidelberg Media will be “POIs”. A POI can be anything you come up with, a photo project, a video, a dancing competition, a pub crawl etc. The only prerequisite: impact. As long as your project has a purpose and is in one way or another beneficial for session participants, we will support it. “POI” does not stand for specific three words, it can be Products of Impact, Points of Interest or simply Power of Idea.

While our minds run wild with ideas to leave a mark, very little is set in stone. The three aspects to be covered for sure are:

Academic collaboration: To ensure the team’s visibility as well as academic and creative input, every member will be working more closely than usual with the respective Chairpersons. We aim for the Media Team Members and Chairpersons to collaborate on a preparational piece which should highlight the topics from a specific angle, so that there is no overlap with the topic overviews. Additionally, resolution summaries will be produced, aiming to be in line with the session concept overall, which seeks to embody the ethos of inclusion so important in the European Youth Parliament.

Videos: Even though this will be the main responsibility of the Video Editor, we wish for purposeful videos, touching emotions, captivating stories; developed by everyone rather than just edited expressions, underlined with music.

The Magazine: To preserve Heidelberg 2017 not only in each participant's mind, we aim to produce one big magazine towards the end of the session. Team members will work on it before and during the session. This magazine will contain graphic and written work reflecting the session, the theme and its participants.

What are you waiting for?
Do you think you can share our vision to create meaningful content with the given framework? Then apply to join us for Heidelberg 2017 and apply before 3rd of February, 12:00 CET.

Sabrina & Tobias

Created By
Sabrina Mellerowic


Created with images by Philipp Butzug - "Heidelberg 26.01.2012-0119" • Brad Montgomery - "News Briefs" • xegxef - "light lamp electricity" • Oimheidi - "windräder wind power fichtelberg"

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