My life Journey By: polyana goveia

It all started in Brazil, where I was Born and spent my first 3 years (that I do not remember)

Next stop in life was Massachusetts, I lived there for 16 great years.
I was luck enough to go to school with the same group of people my whole life (up until college)
Then, at 19 I joined the Air Force
I went to boot camp in lovely San Antonio
My First Base was Las Vegas where I lived for almost 3 years, and met my 3 best friends.
My second base was lovely Turkey, this is where my love for traveling was found.
This is where I live now, Lovely Phoenix. This was where I separated from the military and where I am finishing school. After school the world will be my oyster!

Now my main focus is college, I have about 1 year left until I have my bachelors in Management and Marketing and can move on to my masters.

While in school I have a IT support/ Sales. Its more than anything preparing me for the future. I have to think quick on my feet and troubleshoot all day

I will somehow incorporate traveling with my future job. Be it a remote job where I can work and travel, or a job that requires that I travel.


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