Seattle Prep’s mission is to “embrace the Ignatian ideals that God may be found in all things, that each person is sacred and that we are created to serve others in community.” It is our belief that athletics is part of the formation of young people and will help your son or daughter become a man or woman for others. It is intended that competitive athletics would develop within the student-athlete the qualities of leadership, initiative, and good judgment. This program must promote the physical, mental, moral, social, and emotional well being of the student-athlete so that he/she may be able to effectively perform and lead under stress and in competition. It is desired that the participants in this program, through individual hard work and self-sacrificing, discover their own self-identity and learn to respect other participants for their accomplishments. The student-athlete is not only responsible to self but also to his/her teammates.

Athletics would be slighted if only portrayed as a program for development of youth. Interscholastic athletics is the enjoyment of companionship and new friendships, the exhilaration of meeting and exceeding personal and team goals, and the development of personal skills and standards. Interscholastic athletics is the involvement of the whole student body in spirit and support beyond the academic sphere of the school. In short, athletics at Seattle Prep help guide the student towards becoming a “person for others”.


We are very pleased that your son/daughter has chosen to participate in the Seattle Prep athletic program. We will do all we can to provide a positive experience for him/her. Possibly the most important ingredient to achieve this outcome is to ensure that lines of communication are developed to allow for free and easy resolution of questions before they become issues. As a parent, you have a right to know what expectations are placed on your son/daughter.

With your son/daughter becomes involved in the various programs at Seattle Prep, he/she will experience some of the most rewarding moments of his/her life. It is important to understand that there also may be times when things do not go the way your or your son/daughter wishes. At these times, discussion with the coach may be the quickest and most effective way to clear up the issue and avoid any misunderstanding.


  1. Empower communication between the student-athlete and the coach. This is an important learning experience for your son/daughter and is a needed life skill.
  2. If questions and concerns arise, go directly to the source first. Avoid speculation by reaching out directly and seeking clarification.
  3. Ensure that each party stay in their defined roles. Student-athletes participate. Coaches coach. Parents support. Issues arise when roles are blurred.


  • Do feel free to ask for ways in which your son/daughter can improve.
  • Don't question a coach on playing time.
  • Do reach out if concerns arise about your son/daughter's mental health as it relates to sports.
  • Don't discuss matters concerning student-athletes other than your son/daughter.
  • Do bring up concerns about academic progress/struggles.
  • Don't attempt to discuss team strategy or play calling.


  1. Student-athlete meets with coach. Meeting should not be immediately before or after a practice/game.
  2. Student-athlete meets with athletic director. If there are issues scheduling the first meeting or if concerns persist.
  3. Parent/guardian meets with coach. Meeting should be scheduled in advance.
  4. Parent/guardian meets with Athletic Director. This is available if issues and concerns remain after steps 1-3.


If an athlete visits a physician for illness or injury, he/she must bring a note from the doctor before being allowed to return to practice.

100% attendance is required on the day of a competition. If an athlete misses any class, he/she will not be allowed to play in a contest that day unless the absence was approved in advance by the Attendance Office. Failure to follow this requirement will result in a contest forfeiture.

An athlete may not miss a team practice or contest to participate in a non-school sporting event. This is a WIAA rule.


The WIAA, Metro League and Seattle Prep are requiring mandatory mask use at all times - in practice, in competition and in all transitions. Per the DOH, cloth masks are recommended. Gaiters are approved for use, but not preferred as they tend to fall off during high-intensity work. Cloth face coverings should contact the face and cover the mouth and nose at all times. In football, a face shield (attached to the cage of the helmet) is allowed but it does NOT replace the need for a cloth mask to be worn.

Keep anyone who is not feeling well home. Please notify the the Seattle Prep Pandemic Coordinator (Sheree Fisher, sfisher@seaprep.org) immediately if anyone in the household:

  • is COVID-19 positive, regardless of where it was contracted.
  • is experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms.
  • was exposed to COVID-19 in the last 10 days.
  • has been advised to quarantine or isolate.

Please be advised, in the event of a COVID-19 positive case, all student-athletes will be required to work through a return-to-play protocol following their transition out of quarantine and back to school. This process will be administered by our athletic trainer and recommended by Seattle Children's Hospital.

If your son/daughter tests positive for the virus, you will be contacted by Kate Madison, ATC, who will begin working on your athlete's reintroduction to athletics while still in quarantine. If you have questions about this process and the timeline associated with a return to competition, please contact Kate via e-mail.


Athletic Director: Sam Reed

Head Athletic Trainer: Kate Madison

Assistant AD: Melissa White


School website (contact info, etc): https://www.seaprep.org/

League website (scores & schedules): https://metroleague-seattleprep.org/

Social Media: (Twitter & Instagram) @seaprepsports

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Sam Reed