The 45 minutes routine could make you ultra successful

Hola Esmeralda nunca te has preguntado cómo puedes tener más éxito en todas las áreas de tu vida? Después de estudiar y entrevistar a mujeres emprendedoras y profesionales todas tienen algo en común una rutina que practican a diario que las hace ser más competitivas. Y esta semana te reveló el secreto en este artículo 😊

Espero que te guste y me dejes tus comentarios y compartas conmigo cuál de estos 3 tips puede aportar más a tu éxito personal?

success. .. You read of these women who are very successful and are seen to have so much energy . These women maintain exceptional level of success. First things first , there are tons of books that teach how to create successful habits. The problem is you never get serious about it. I've been there..... so How do you nail something that really works for you? Something that has really made a difference in my life is to change my morning habits. To be honest with you it was not easy. I woke up every morning and couldn't focus. So I started thinking what can I do to change this? Here's a thing about habits that can make or break you. We know from esperience habits run our lives. Even if you start today making small changes in your routine it can make a huge difference in your success. Science says it can take 30 days to create a new habit. I know hit seems like a long time and sometimes it is hard to find motivation but believe me this can make a huge difference. If you still wonder what can you do today to create a morning routine to super charge you . Worry no more we have built a routine that will take you about 45 minutes.

Let's dive in

Start writing your list 5 MINUTE

We live in world full of distractions. we live busy lives but to start to focus you need to start writing your priorities. Think about what is more value to you. You can start with the most important task and work yourself down the list of your priorities. Don't overwhelm yourself. I say this because we tend to think we can multitask. Just write 5 tasks and the time you are going to need to accomplish that day and more incredibly it will only take you 5 minutes. Automatic these changes will make you feel in control and productive.

Meditate 10minutes

Most highly successful people say they include in their everyday routines some kind of meditation. A study of running by Harvard university say the 8 weeks of mindful meditation can change some region of the brain associated with memory and stress. Increasing your brain power is crucial for business success and charges your energy level helping you in making better decisions.

Exercise 30 minutes

Yoga, running, pilates , walking even swimming has incredible benefits can make you more confident and communicate better with your peers. Make exercise your priority and this actually can help your business . A lot of entrepreneurial women get so focused on growing their business that they end up burning themselves out with stress. Don't let this happen to you. You may be an avid yoga person, to keep it exciting and fun change your routine . Why not take a run or start doing some pilates . Doing this will work different muscles that ultimately create benefits for your body and brain.

Now take these steps to some place awesome and apply it to your life. You may be already doing some of these but imagine if you can start doing this every single day. The benefits you are going to get in your personal and professional life will be spectacular!

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