Clemson University's Center of Excellence

"A center of excellence (CoE, also known as a competency center or a capability center) is a group or team that leads other employees and the organization as a whole in some particular area of focus such as a technology, skill or discipline."

Focus Areas as of 2017

Next-Generation Computing and Networking
Geospatial Information Systems
Digital Creativity
Engineering Graduate Education
Core mission
Clemson University's Center of Excellence, led by faculty, is designed to develop and foster new relationships between IT and the university's core missions education, research, and public service.
See the possibilities
Our vision is to transform and invent new and innovative interactions between the university’s faculty, students, IT staff, and cyber infrastructure.
Invent the future
Our mission is to be a strategic University resource, that serves to empower campus research and education by combining advanced computing research with other existing advanced research on campus. The Center aims to be an innovative driving force in the Clemson Forward strategic plan.

Building Innovative Solutions, Competencies, and Skills for Leading-edge Education and Research in the 21st Century

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Jan Rune Holmevik


Created with images by BarbaraWilli - "Connectors (Verbindungsstücke)"

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