Stock Market Project By: Orlane

Initial Research (Paragraph 1): We use the term “stock” to describe the part ownership of any company and “shares” to describe the part ownership of a particular company.When you buy stock in a company, you are purchasing part ownership of a company. In return for purchasing stock, you are given two rights : The right to participate in electing of directors of the company, and the right to receive a part of the profits.This part of benefits is called a dividend, but if the company crash you lost your money. When the board of directors gives company results at the end of each quarter, they will also announce the amount of dividend paid per share.No benefits, no dividend !Each company quoted in a Stock Market has a ticker, meaning a code to recognize any company. The thing is that every market has its own system !

Initial Research (Paragraph 2): We are not obligated to invest alone, we can also share the risk with other people. Some shareholders organize together investment in a collection of stocks. We called that Mutual fund. By example the three best large blend mutual fund in U.S are Vanguard Structured Large-Cap Equity Fd, Parnassus Core Equity Fund, Mair & Power Growth Fund. These mutual fund invests in the main stock exchange like, The New York Stock exchange, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange Group, Japan Exchange Group Tokyo, Shanghaï Stock Exchange and Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Euronext. An important aspect of shares is the price, the price is calculated by the amount of a product, or service and the desire of buyers for it. The supply and the demand affect the stock market by increasing or decreasing prices. In fact, if the supply is over the demand, the price will be higher.

Reflection (Paragraph 1): In my portfolio there were some companies that worked very well like the Assured Guaranty, and Spectra Energy Corp and others that was very bad, like Abercrombie and Fitch, and Tesla. With the program virtual-stock-exchange I was able to see how my companies was doing, If they were going up or down. First when I choose the first companies I took the one that I liked the most like Abercrombie, Orange, and Nike. Then I realize that these company was going down and I decided to trade them. When I changed my companies I first look on the internet to see wich was going well. Then I choose to take Assured Guaranty, and Spectra Energy Corp.

Reflection (Paragraph 2): If I had to do this project again, I will first look up some information about the past of the company, before I invest in it. If I had to choose another company to invest in, I will invest in General Electric , because I see that this company is going up. However I think that if I had to do this project again, I will continue to invest in Assured Guaranty, and Spectra Energy Corp. If I have the possibility to continue this project I will Trade Alcoa and buy General Electric. I learn a lot of things from this project. I learn what is investing, what is a ticker symbol, how to invest in company, how to trade company, and how to keep track of my company. I really enjoyed to do this project, and I learn a lot of things.

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