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"But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost. For God, who 'COMMANDED the LIGHT' to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to GIVE..." II Corinthians 4:3,6

Light has an inherent power within it that no forces of darkness can comprehend. Light, or Revelation Knowledge, is the source of all supernatural increase. Light possesses “COMMAND AUTHORITY” over the powers of darkness. When you make a willful decision to Light the Candle as Jesus taught in Mark 4, then the very moment that quality decision is made, the boundaries with which darkness has been able to contain you begin to be pushed backward rapidly. What is Lighting the Candle? The simple answer is attaching yourself to revelation knowledge. The Laws of Increase that are built into the universe go to work supernaturally when light is released. This is why Jesus taught in the Parable of the Sower that if anyone does not understand that parable (Mark 4:13), they cannot understand any other parable taught by the Master. The entire kingdom operates by, within, and around this spiritual law.

I know this firsthand. Almost twenty years ago while conducting a meeting in the state of Virginia, Jesus supernaturally answered some long-standing questions I had asked Him while gazing at Mark 4. We were struggling financially, but no one knew that I had tried everything I knew to do that had always worked, but to no avail. One month rolled into the next and into at least a year and a half. We had never experienced a shortfall or deficit like this. Integrity and honor are everything to our witness. Being behind on monthly bills to the point of over $100,000 began to weigh so heavily on our conscience. The last thing I wanted to do was call people to ask them to be patient with me and explain that there was no apparent reason for the shortfall, but I did it anyway. It was the honorable thing to do, and I vowed to each of them I would get what we owed into their hands. Then I would go to Jesus and ask, “Where have I missed it? Have we done something wrong?” I kept these and other questions before Heaven for a period of time. Meanwhile, we were using our faith (I thought), the authority of the Name, and believing we received, etc. These were things which had always worked before, but the situation just became worse instead of better.

Well, thanks be to God for His mercy that night in Virginia. He answered my cry, and I have never really been the same since that moment. Now, it is TIME to walk Into the FULLNESS of what He revealed. I am writing to you now because of recent questions I have asked the Lord concerning the delays, limits, and strongholds that have stymied so many from walking into the fullness. He answered me once again as He did many years ago in Virginia. He said, “The answer is simple. Light the Candle!”

Partner, you need to read the rest of this letter and embrace it with your whole heart in this hour. We are standing on the edge of the unprecedented Harvest of the Ages! We have no choice but to set in motion what will push back the darkness. The kingdom answer from the mouth of Jesus is, “Light the Candle!” I knew with those three words, “LIGHT THE CANDLE,” He was referring back to that Virginia revelation. It is NOW time to walk in the fullness of the command to reproduce the most valuable thing in three worlds: REVELATION KNOWLEDGE. Within a decade it will dot the globe, and we are going to raise up a new generation of deliverers. Glory to God!

BACK to VIRGINIA. That October evening in the Blue Ridge Mountains ultimately defined our lifetime assignment and that of our partners. As the offering was being received, I was reading through Mark 4 while waiting to be introduced to minister. I was reading the explanation of the parable of the sower Jesus was giving His disciples in verse 21. Noticing the verse began in the KJV with the word “AND,” it came off the page to me. I had been asking Jesus what good ground was, and what constituted seed that would produce up to 100-fold. You see, it made no sense to me that Jesus would clearly describe wayside, stony, and thorny ground so that we could easily recognize them, only to leave the listener wondering what constituted good ground that would produce 100-fold harvest. When the word AND came off the page to me, Jesus said to my spirit clearly, “Since when did I begin a new thought with the word ‘AND’?” Suddenly, I realized that the heading breaks added by the translators in most Bibles are wrong. Jesus was not changing subjects. He was revealing what good ground was to every sower. In that moment He said to me, “If you will do what I tell you to do, you will come out of this deficit and you will never go back into it again!” The short story is, I did, and He did. We came out of that $100,000+ deficit into the black within 120 days. We still do not know where the supply came from except that it was supernaturally supplied from the kingdom through unexpected channels. Every time since that moment that we experienced any need, no matter how daunting or significant, this spiritual law has brought us out. Now, it is time for us and every partner to walk in the fullness of the treasures stored up in secret places.

The Lord went on to reveal to me that in His description of how to identify 100-fold soil that, “Lighting the Candle” is the equivalent of Hearing the Word. Lighting the candle is someone bringing revelation knowledge to you. He said in effect that revelation knowledge is the most valuable thing in the kingdom. That is why all spiritual battles are fought over that issue. The battle over souls and human victory has already been fought and won. Now, the only way satan can keep someone bound or from being born again is to keep them from hearing the gospel. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. There are many things He said to me in that moment of time. (BTW, I’m planning a special “live invitation” one hour stream with HIM to teach these principles to you our existing partners first hand). Most importantly this defines who we are! We are “Sowers of the Word!”

When the Lord went further, He made it clear to me that anyone who sows into the life of those that bring revelation to them or reproduce revelation beyond them; they are sowing into the soil of supernatural increase. 100-fold soil is the equivalent of sowing into ground where revelation knowledge is being multiplied and reproduced into the earth. When anyone attaches their seed in partnership to that process it allows the candle to be lit. The Word of God multiplied in an ever increasing way is the candle lit causing men to come from darkness to light and the power of satan to the power of God. When anyone attaches their seed to that anointing it will explode with the same anointing of supernatural increase.

Partner, that is what we are doing today in a greater way than ever before. You have a front row seat to touching the world. Days before you will have this letter in your hand, we have entered an agreement for daily television on two continents. While you are reading this letter, we will be in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee imparting to ministries from all over that region of the USA and beyond. Your seed will also be redeeming the time in such a way that 250,000,000 (250 million) people will hear the Word of His Power daily. Please take a moment to meditate how many lifetimes it would take for anyone to preach to that many people even one time. Realize that you can do it every day right from your chair as our partner.

Thank you for being so faithful. Know now we are doing everything we can to take your seed and preach with it in such a way that it becomes baptized with supernatural increase. This is your hour of increase like never before. You are at the door to preach the whole gospel to the whole earth. Jesus is coming soon! Thank you for doing your part. The synergy of redeeming the time together for this hour of harvest is such an important part of partnership.

One more way we are launching reproduction of revelation and the anointing into others is through our newly commissioned bible school. I’m sure many of you will want to be a part of the “School of HIM.” We have just finished our first semester of three courses, Doctrine of Faith, The Authority of the Believer, and Righteousness. Classes online are available now, so make sure you go to the website or call for more information. As you can see, too many things to mention in one letter. Be blessed and become a part of lighting that candle in a greater way in this dark hour. One way is to become a part of our new Go Partner Program. Next phase is an increase of 300 strong additional partners like Gideon’s 300. Together we can do it. The best is yet to come in this decade of harvest. We are not of them that pull back. Be sure and read your copy of the prophetic declaration for 2021 that is featured on the back page. So much to do and so much to say.......well, until next month.

Yours for the Harvest,


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