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Every living things have trillions of cells inside them. we cannot live without cells, showing that cells are very important parts of our body

Cell Theory

Cell Theory 1. All living organisms are composed of one or more cells 2. The cell is the basic unit of structure and organization in organisms 3. Cells arise from pre- existing cells

this diagram underneath is a diagram of a animal cell. a animal cell has different features such as nucleus, nucleolus, vacuole, rough ER, smooth ER, etc. they all have different jobs that are very important. this diagram shows where some features are located and sizes. however, there are some features that the animal cells do not have that plant cells has. each cells are like factories that work constantly to keep you alive.

Animal Cell

this diagram is very similar to the one above but it is about plant cells and they have different parts of features in their structure. a plant cell has organelles that animal cells don't have such as cell wall, a large central vacuole, and plastids such as chloroplasts.

Similarities and Differences the animal cell has the main organelles of cells but the plant cell has more features than the animal cells. plant cell organelles that animal cells don't have: 1. cell wall 2. vacuole 3. chloroplasts

different types of organelle cells

Golgi apparatus sorts and packages protein. smooth ER tunnel system that transport proteins making ribosomes. rough ER is same as smooth ER but it has ribosomes on the surface. nucleus controls cell activity also called the control center. cell membrane allows materials to enter/exit. lysosomes contains digestive enzymes also breaks down food. centriole. cytoskeleton. mitochondria creates ATP in a process called cellular respiration. ribosomes makes protein. protein travels through ER and reaches golgi body.

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