Tour of the Harn By: Stephanie Guillen

El Anatsui, Old Man's Cloth

For the medium of the art / technique of the artist I visited this piece, Old Man's Cloth. From far away, the piece simply looks like a multicolor abstract sheet. But upon closer inspection, you really see the medium of the art and its uniqueness that can only be understood in person. It is made of brand name liquor bottles and old bottles all pieced together in a work of art. I took this piece as representation of all the waste and careless pollution in our world.

Cofrin Asian Art Wing

For the design of the museum I visited the Cofrin Asian Art Wing. I think the structure of this area of the museum was brilliantly set up. The lights reflected beautifully on the wall of vases, and open to the room behind that was welcoming and intriguing. The entrance was placed ever so specifically that you could see different works of art pop on the right and left side. My favorite part was the appealing glimpse of the garden in the background. It made the room serine and calming. The only thing I didn't like was the way certain pieces were tucked behind a wall, such as the Buddha statue.

George Grosz. Manhattan and Boardman Robinson, Excavation

For art and core values I visited the Manhattan and the Excavation. Both pieces evoked an emotion of pride and perseverance through the hard work that goes along with living the American Dream. I love New York City and it has always been a representation of American pride and culture for me. The Excavation explicitly illustrates working hard for what you want and reminds me of the dedication that goes behind finding your American Dream. Hard work is one of my core values, and it is something I stick by with everything I do in life.

Sebastiao Salgado, Cast of Thousands, Serra Pelada, Brazil

The story behind this picture really spoke to me about art and what it means to live a good life. This piece depicts thousands of people fighting in the trenches of a gold mine in Brazil. They work like slaves because they desire wealth and riches. I think that is a terrible way to live your life. There is no meaning in fighting for material wealth. They are ignoring the passions they have that sincerely bring them happiness and instead choose to focus on competing with each other. This picture reminds me that living your own good life is more important than being rich.

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