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But given that most people want something of quality, and they want it "now," what's left is the tricky bit: Making the "economy" part invisible. We do it by making a good idea do the heavy lifting. Cheap? Not really. But a bargain. Ask our clients. They'll say it's all about a killer a la carte production team working to bring it in on time and under budget. Check out the demos. Then call to find out what Ronn Kilby can do to jump-start your vision.

Sometimes all it takes is a little spark.

BIO: Ronn Kilby has more than 3 decades experience in TV, working for 6 stations around the country as art director, writer/producer, and senior creative director -- ending up at the NBC owned station in San Diego, where he was Manager of Advertising & Promotion. After 12 years at KNSD, he left at the end of 2004 to start his own boutique production house. Ronn earned a B.S. from Regents College, University of the State of New York, and an A.A.S. in Media Advertising Arts from TCC in Portsmouth, Virginia, where he also taught photography for 7 years. An accomplished musician and composer, he designs and builds guitars, makes beer, and enjoys solo international motorcycle touring.

KUDOS: 15 Emmy Awards, 41 Emmy nominations. 4 Tellys, 2 NY Film Festival Awards, Addys, Homburg, Member NATAS Silver Circle. 2 Promax Gold Medallions, 2 Silver, Broadcast Designers' Association Silver Award, Film (The Tutor) featured at Cannes Film Festival. SKIN: The Movie, an independent quirky comedy featurette that Ronn wrote and directed, has thus far won 34 awards and enjoyed another 17 nominations in film festivals worldwide.

BEFORE TV: Musician/Composer, Newspaper Photographer, Catalog Studio Photographer, Book Designer, Cab Driver, Stage Manager for rock group, Furniture Maker, Antiques Metal Plater, Stevedore, A/V Technician, Print Shop Manager, Certified Reprographics Technician.

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CONTACT: ronn@kilby.tv

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