Venus and Jupiter By Ella M Comparing and contrasting

Diffrent Jupiter


1 Jupiter is 11.8 times bigger than Venus. 2 Jupiter is 142,984 km. 3 Jupiter is the fifth planet 4 Jupiter is viewable all night 5 1/2 Jupiter was named after Zeus

ALIKE Jupiter and Venus 1 Both are bright 2 You won't see them together until 2065. 3 They have the name two bright lights in the sky. 4 It looks like they are over lapping when you see them

Venus Diffrent


1 Venus is the second planet. 2 Has the longest rotation period than any other planet. 3 Was named after Aphrodite 4 Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system Skywatching. "Venus and Jupiter Align: 3 Odd Facts About 2-Planet Tango." What Is the Hottest Planet in the Solar System?" What Is The Hottest Planet In The Solar System? "Venus and Jupiter." Universe Today. N.p., 24 Dec. 2015.

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