Titanic By: Owen Dooley

As I aboard the great Titanic I see the Grand Staircase. I look at the beautiful gold railings. I was so excited to be on here! I finally get to go to the United States! I have heard amazing things about this country. I walk to my room with mum as I feel something conk my head. It was the door that was very small since we were in third class.

"Do you like so far, honey?" My mum asked me.

"Yes, I love it," I replied back with excitment.

We got settled in and all of a sudden I hear hear people arguing about something next door. I try to earwig but I can't seem to hear what they are saying. I lay down on my bed feeling so much more comfort than my old shaggy matress at home. They start the engines and we all go to the windows to say goodbye to everyone.

"Bye! Have a great time," a man yelled to a woman right next to me.

For a minute thought he was talking to me! I saw the Fuzz holding everyone back so nothing bad will happen. The dock starts to get smaller and smaller and then finally there is just the water and us. We go get our eating iron for dinner. The dinner was very tasty chicken.

This is the 3rd class eating room

We go back to our room and we turn on the idiot box. We turn on the news and everything on is about the Titanic! That night was a peacful night of sleep looking out at the stars in the tiny circle window.

"Good morning, mum," I said as I wolk up in the bright morning.

"You have already turned on your laughing gear this morning, huh," She said back to me.

I laughed and got out of bed and got some clothes on. We went to the deck and sat on the beach chairs. We watched as we went along the water and a young mate came over to us and asked us what we would like for breakfast. We ordered and the food came out very fast.

All of a sudden I thought I saw my father who was still in Britain. I must be loosing my marbles though. I feel like a tosser to think that my father still at home would be on this beautiful boat.

A few hours later, around noon another man had came up to us.

"What would would you like for lunch. Make it quick or else," he said.

He was a real bugger to mum and I. So, we just ordered sandwiches and he went off back into the boat. A few minutes later he came back with our food. He looked in a hurry. He almost dropped the plates a few times, but made it to us without causing any trouble.

"Thank you, now I must be somewhere," he said walking off.

I looked at mum and she looked at me like we both wanted to know where he was going. We always wanted to be in mysteries. Back home we would always follow the police cars zooming by us. We would always flutter on what we thought was happening.

British police car

Two weeks later we have dinner and then head to bed. As we lay in bed the sirens alarmed. We all think it's just a clanger, because what could go wrong on an unsinkable ship? Well, a man came to our door and we opened it and shouted, "Hurry! Go to the docks we have hit an ice berg and we are sinking!"

So, we were sinking on the unsinkable boat. We sprinted up to the dock and we have to put on a life jacket. They put all of the children on all of the safety boats first. They told me to go, but I longed to leave my mother. They picked me up and all of a sudden as I get on the boats I feel peckish. My mum had been able to get on the boat with me, but all of a sudden a sound louder than a rifle crackled across our ears. The boat was in two pieces.

Titanic sinking

I see people acting like they have lost the plot. They are all running up towards the propellers. The rope connecting us to the boat is about to snap. Mum tried jumping to us nearly grabbing my arm. I see her pale body drop into the freezing cold water. I try imagining that I'm just in a barmy dream and this is all bollocks. But it's not. It's the real world. We all try to start a chin-wag to make things better. The man on our boat looks like he was part of the crew. He looked like he new what he was doing. We all look so knackered almost like we are zombies in a boat. After a few hours rowing we see land. After the wonky ride on this tiny little life boat we all feel sick. I was back to a different life now. My dad was gone and i was in an orphanage. I imagine my moms cold pale body sitting by the "unsinkable" boat, the Titanic.

Mum- mother

Conk- a blow to the head

Earwig- eavesdrop

Shaggy- rough

Fuzz- the police

Idiot box- television set

Laughing gear- mouth

Mate- a guy

Losing my marbles- losing your mind

Tosser- idiot

Bugger- jerk

Flutter- bet

Clanger- mistake

Peckish- slightly hungry

Barmy- insane

Bollocks- nonsense

Chin-wag- a conversation

Knackered- exhausted

Lost the plot- going crazy

Wonky- unstable


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